• 20/04/2011

    Call & rules for the selection process for conformation judges

    The ANCCE Board of Directors has approved the summons and publication of the Rules and Regulations that shall govern the selection process for a maximum of 30 Judges who shall be approved to judge at PRE Conformation-Functional Competitions.

    To regulate the selection process for the provision of Judges approved to judge at PRE Conformation-Functional Competitions.
    The selection process shall be run according to the mandates laid out in these Rules and Regulations.  Any unforeseen aspect shall be interpreted by the Competition Follow-up and Control Commission.

    Requirements for applicants.
    All applicants must, on the closing day for the presentation of requests and during the entire selection process, meet the following requirements:
    1. Be of legal age
    2. Speak Spanish
    3. Other languages, fluency in English is an added value
    4. Availability to travel to carry out the job
    5. Have all registration rights paid up

    Applications to take part in the selection process should be addressed to the President of ANCCE and sent to DELOITTE: Departamento de Human Capital. Pza. Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1, Torre Picasso, planta 41, 28020 Madrid, España (to the attention of Mª Eugenia Fernández Balbastre). Or by e-mail to: humancapital@deloitte.es or by fax to: +34 915 145 180 (to the attention of Maria Eugenia Fernández Balbastre).
    The deadline for applications is the 20th of May, 2011 at 14:00 hh (2pm). Only applications accompanied by a copy proving the payment of the registration or entry rights shall be accepted, in addition to a detailed CV of the applicant.
    The registration fee in the selection process shall be € 350, (including 18% VAT), which should be paid into the account nº: 2100-2320-51-0200173648 of La Caixa. This payment grants the right to take part in the first phase of the selection process (the examination regarding knowledge and the psycho-technical test).
    All successful applicants from this first phase must pay a second registration fee, which shall be € 400 (including 18% VAT), which should be paid into the account nº: 2100-2320-51-0200173648 of La Caixa. This second phase is defined in clause five of these Rules and Regulations. For international bank transfers: IBAN: ES24 211 2320 5102 0017 3648
    SWIFT: CAIXESBBXXX. Branch bank office address: C/ Marques de Paradas 29, 41001 Sevilla (España), Spain. Account holder: ANCCE, entidad juridical.
    With regards to the fee for this first phase, examination of knowledge and psycho-technical test, the following aspects must be borne in mind:
    Any full member of ANCCE, partner or child shall benefit from a 40% discount when paying the registration fee.  Membership must be proven.
    Any full member of an association that is a member of ANCCE, as well as any associate member of the Association, shall benefit from a 20% discount when paying the registration fee. Membership must be proven by means of a certificate from the association where they are a member, which must be attached to the application. For inquiries, call: 0034-651509255 In no case may the aforementioned discounts be accumulated.
    Admission of applicants.
    Once the application deadline has been reached, the Consultants—Deloitte--shall make a final decision within a maximum of seven (7) calendar days, stating the full list of approved applicants to participate in the selection, which shall be all those who meet the established requirements, as well as those excluded, who shall have a seven (7) day period to correct any mistakes or negligence as determined at that same time and on the date of the first exercise.  The said list shall be published on the Consultant’s web site as well as on the ANCCE web site. If, having reached the said deadline, no claims have been presented, the initial list shall be considered final with no need for further publications.  On the contrary, all claims presented shall be accepted or rejected by the Consultant in a resolution that approved the final list, which shall be published on the aforementioned web sites.
    Selection Process.
    The selection process is a two phase process:
    A) First phase:
    The first phase of the selection process included two exercises, which shall be performed during the initial session:
    Examination: Consists of answering a written questionnaire-type test, of approximately 225 questions, related to the subject matter contained in the Rules and Regulations (see Appendix). The duration of this exercise shall be two hours. Correct answers shall be computed favorably, incorrect answers shall be subtracted from the final score.
    Psycho-technical assessment test: This shall be undertaken at the same time as the examination and all the candidates in the selection shall take this test.  The test determines the profile of the person required to hold a responsible post such as that of a PRE Conformation-Functional Competition Judge.
    A.1 List of those who have passed the first phase:
    The consultant shall publish the list of candidates who have passed the first phase and who shall therefore take part in the second and final phase.  In this case, all approved applicants shall proceed to make the payment for rights to examination as established in these rules and regulations.
    B) Second phase:
    Practical test: The applicants who have passed the first phase must carry out a practical exercise to demonstrate their knowledge about horses. This second phase shall have an approximate duration of one to three days and its objective is to assess the practical effectiveness of the theoretical knowledge that they have previously demonstrated. For this, each applicant shall individually judge several PRE horses of different ages and sexes, while being monitored by active judges.
    Six: Examiners.
    The theoretical test of knowledge and the psycho-technical assessment shall be performed by the Consultant—Deloitte—as well as their correction.  It shall be this same company that informs ANCCE, and those involved, which of the candidates have exceeded the score required to access to the practical test of the selection process.
    Seven: List of those who have passed; presentation of the documents and appointment.
    The final qualification shall the result of the score obtained in the practical phase of the examination. ANCCE shall publish the results obtained by each of the candidates in this phase, with specific mention of those who have earned the title of PRE Conformation-Functional Competition Judge.
    In this regard, those applicants who obtain the highest scores shall be accepted, at most, to cover the total number of places available.
    The new judges must judge three (3) Category A conformation competitions during their practice phase; their scores being compared with those of senior judges and analyzed by the Competition Follow-up Commission. In no case shall these scores affect the results of a competition.
    Having carried out these practices, the candidates shall go on to be official judges, those that the commission deems opportune may judge in 2012 depending on their capacity. Those judges who are not resident in Spain may judge on their own continent, apart from in Spain. The Spaniards may judge at any location, and all, within their category.
    The President of ANCCE
    Javier Conde Cerrato [PDF] ANEXO 1 - Subject matter
    [PDF] ANEXO 2 - Application form
    [PDF] ANEXO 3 - Bibliography
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