• 07/04/2011

    ANCCE sets us a new process to select judges

    The ANCCE Board of Directors has decided to summons a selection process for new Conformation-Functional Competition Judges.  Thus, another of the Association management priorities has moved forward to guarantee the objective, reasoned and impartial application of the judging criteria, which is essential for the sector, both from the marketing standpoint, as well as breed improvement.

    This is not a teaching and training course for new contenders as judges, but rather selection tests designed to select those with the most technical and practical knowledge of the Purebred Spanish Horse  and later this knowledge in the arena.
    Although the final rules for this selection process will be published in a few days, we can now inform about the following aspects:

    a) The selection process shall accept both Spanish nationals and foreigners, with the only requirement being that the candidate is of legal age, and able to converse in Spanish.

    b) The applications from contenders, as well as the theoretical examinations and aptitude tests will be handled by a prestigious international consultancy to ensure the fairness in the entire process, with no intrusions in the selection process.

    c) The examinations will o take place simultaneously in several geographical locations, both in Spain and abroad. The dates will be announced when relevant, so that candidates will not be forced to travel to any specific location, thus reducing costs.

    d) All the aspects of interest to contenders will be published prior to the selection process.  Therefore, further details will be announced in due course and all interested partied will be informed.  
  • Source — ANCCE — 07/04/2011