• 07/05/2009

    New ANCCE Statutes

    The new statutes shall govern the future of the Association when undertaking its social objective, composition and the faculties of the governing bodies, the relationships among members, their rights and obligations, the election and disciplinary system, etc.

    Therefore, we feel that it is necessary for you to know the most important and new aspects included.  Likewise, a complete copy of the statutes has been uploaded on the ANCCE web-site (www.ancce.com).

    This aspect has hardly been as amended, although it has been adapted to request the Ministry of Interior to register the Association, thus facilitating the declaration as an organization of public interest.  This would confer us major fiscal advantages with regards to corporate taxes and a better grading when requesting certain grants.

    These two sections shall go into effect after the next elections, although the candidates must keep them in mind when formulating their candidacies.

    Executive Committee
    The executive committee shall be made up of seven (7) breeders, reducing its current numbers. Members of this Committee shall be chosen by the Board of Directors.
    At ANCCE, the executive committee shall become the true executive organ in the daily administration of the Association.  However, it will always be subject to the final decisions of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly, who shall study and ratify, where relevant, its proposals.

    Board of Directors
    The Board of Directors shall include all the associations that are members of ANCCE.  These shall continue to have the right to appoint a representative on the board to make up two-fifths (2/5) of its composition.

    Appointing a Representative
    This section is fundamental to ensure and regulate the relationship between the members and the association.  Stud farms constituted as a corporation must appoint their representative before ANCCE.
    Minimum time as members
    With regards to the presidential elections, members must have at least one (1) year of seniority to vote. This decision does not affect the voting rights for any other decision suggested in the assembly.
    Furthermore, members who would like to present their candidacy for an elected office must have been Full members of ANCCE for at least five (5) years.
    Term in Office
    The president of ANCCE may fulfil this post for two (2) terms, whether consecutive or not.
    The decisions regarding the minimum period as a member and the limitation for the presidential term of office shall, in no case affect those who were Full Members prior to the April 25th Assembly.

    To guarantee the safety, security and the smooth running of the elections, proxy voting has been abolished.  The only valid voting shall be in person, or by mail from the stud farm representative.  To vote by mail, Full Members must request this vote as established and in advance.  All votes by mail shall be held by a notary in Sevilla.

    The alleged minor, serious and gross misconduct are defined and clarified, as well as the corresponding disciplinary actions to be taken, where relevant. The executive committee is responsible for commencing the disciplinary actions and the proposal of punishment, where relevant, to be presented before the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall propose the punishment to be imposed, and it also has the power to propose a lighter punishment when faced with specific circumstances.
    The disciplinary system includes the possibility of taking disciplinary actions, in specified cases, against the horses of a stud farm involved in actions that are contrary to these statutes.

    [PDF] Download New ANCCE Statutes
  • Source — ANCCE — 07/05/2009