• 16/01/2024

    Specific Rules for the 2024 PRE Team at the Dressage World Breeding Championship for Young Horses

    The Specific Rules for the PRE Team participating at the 2024 Dressage World Breeding Championship for Young Horses have been announced. This event will be held in the city of Ermelo, in Holland, from the 4th to the 8th of September. There is a technical team that will select the young Purebred Spanish Horses included on the team. This team includes the ANCCE General Sports Commission, under the leadership of its president Jorge Sanchez Martinez, and a sole international trainer, Jose Daniel Martin Dockx.
    As was the case last year, the trainer will attend all International Dressage Competitions (CDI) held in Spain (see list provided below). He may also attend other CDIs as needed, to better follow the development of possible pairs for the Ermelo event. Likewise, this trainer will draft a report about each pair, which in turn will be sent to the corresponding riders and breeders/owners.
    MARCH 3rd: CDI3* Andalucía Deja Huella – Week 1 | JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA
    MARCH 8th: CDI3* Andalucía Deja Huella – Week 2 | JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA
    APRIL 26th:  CDIYH - Club de Campo Villa de Madrid | MADRID
    MAY 30th: MASTER DOMA CLASICA - Real Club de Polo | BARCELONA
    JULY 12th & 13th: CDI YH CECYL | SEGOVIA
    On the other hand, ANCCE will organize a series of selection clinics. Pairs must participate in at least two (2) of such clinics, including the final clinic. These clinics are for pairs that have attained the minimal qualification scores established by Spain’s Royal Equestrian Federation. These pairs must obtain their averages based on their two (2) best scores, obtained at:
    - 2 International Dressage Competitions for Young Horses
    - 1 International Dressage Competition for Young Horses and the National Young Horse Master
    Please note the following exceptions:

    - The best score attained throughout the competition will be taken into consideration. 
    - The score must be equal to or greater than 70% in the case of horses age 7 and older, and 75% in the case of 5 & 6-year-old horses.

    For the final selection and the names of the pairs and substitutes on the PRE Team, chosen to participate in the 2024 Dressage World Breeding Championship for Young Horses, only the results obtained between the 1st of January and the 14th of July, 2024 will be taken into consideration.

    Once the final selection has concluded, the international trainer will draft the final list of pairs and substitutes chosen for each World Championship level. The General Sports Commission will present this list to the ANCCE Executive Committee for their approval prior to the 22nd of July, 2024, when the approved list will be forwarded to Spain’s Royal Equestrian Federation. 
    The PRE Team Selection Clinics are:

    - March 23rd | Southern Spain
    - May 13th | Central Spain
    Final Selection Clinic (mandatory attendance):

    - July 14th &15th | Centro Ecuestre de Castilla y Leon | SEGOVIA
    Please consult further details and specifications provided by the following links:

    [PDF] Qualification specification for the Dressage World Breeding Championship for Young Horses as indicated by Spain’s Royal Equestrian Federation

    [PDF] Specific Rules for the PRE Team

    [WEB] 2024 Royal Equestrian Federation Dressage Calendar for Spain

    For further information, please contact Ro Olivares at rolivares@ancce.com

  • Source — ANCCE — 16/01/2024