• 28/09/2022

    Members of the ANCCE Technical Committee of Judges Updated

    Due to personal reasons, Jose Ramon Fernandez Villegas renounced his post on the Technical Committee of Judges and the Competition Commission, with the approval of the ANCCE Executive Committee. Thus, the following composition has been established for said Committee: 

    President    Alfonso del Castillo Caracuel
    Secretary     Victor Huertas Vega

    Members of this Committee are responsible for supervising the actions of judges throughout the competition season.  

    As always, remember that there is an active e-mail address for all those involved in competitions may make suggestions or present formal complaints to be studied and assessed by the Technical Committee of Judges.  

    E-mail the Technical Committee of Judges at: comitejueces@ancce.com

    ANCCE Compeontition Commission

  • Source — ANCCE — 28/09/2022