• 29/07/2022

    SICAB 2022: Contract VIP Boxes and Breeder Stands

    SICAB 2022, General International PRE Trade Fair Information

    We are contacting you to provide information regarding the 32nd edition of SICAB 2022, the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair and location of the 8th World PRE Horse Championship. 

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    This 32nd edition of SICAB will be held from the 15th to the 20th of November at the Fair Grounds known as Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones in Sevilla (Spain).

    You may now contract a VIP Stand for the 32nd edition of the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair, SICAB 2022.

    You have until Friday, the 9th of September at 11:59 pm to present your formal request, in compliance with the following specifications:

    1. Preference will be granted to those breeders, who, as full-fledged members of ANCCE, had a VIP Box at the 2021 edition.
    2. The fee is based on the location around the arena. Preference will be maintained only until the 9th of September at 11:59 pm, if and when the corresponding entry form has been sent in and payment has been made by means of a bank transfer to the following account: IBAN ES22 3187 0812 8010 9498 7227 which corresponds to the Caja Rural del Sur (bank).  
    3. As of Saturday, the 10th of September, and with no exceptions, any VIP Box that has not been renovated shall be distributed to those on the waiting list on first-come-first-serve bases, based on the reception date of the request. Preference will be granted to those breeders who also reserve a Breeder Stand as well as a VIP Box.
    4. Stud farms on the waiting list that have been granted a VIP Box have ten (10) days to make the corresponding payment. Should they fail to do so, the next stud farm on the list will be notified.
    5. VIP Box usage policy shall be determined at a later date, and always in keeping with the applicable heath legislation.

    [WEB] VIP Box Request Form

    [PDF] Map of the VIP Box area



    At this year’s edition, the modular stand will have a new design, undertaken by the firm Mimmo. As was the case at previous editions, the actual location of the breeder stands will be in Pavilion 1, across from the arena where the Conformation Competition is held.If you are interested in acquiring an exhibition space, you will need to formalize your reservation, fill out and send in the form included herein, before Friday, the 9th of September, at 11:59 pm. Remember that to finalize your reservation, you will need to deposit €600 into the account: IBAN ES22 3187 0812 8010 9498 7227 which corresponds to the Caja Rural del Sur (bank).

    When it comes to confirming and choosing the location, priority is granted to those stud farms that had a stand at previous editions. Requests will be accepted following strict first-come-first serve, using the reception and payment date as the guide. As of the 10th of September, breeders who have had stands at previous editions but who have failed make the corresponding reservation shall lose their preferential rights; the distribution of excess spaces will be granted to new breeders requesting stands.  

    The details for setting up, timetables and general use are specified on the contract form, which will be sent out at a later date, in keeping with the applicable heath legislation.

    Breeder stands are 4x4m or multiples of this surface area (8x4, 12x4, etc.) and only three (3) stands may be 6x4m. Stands with two floors or that are above ground level shall pay an increased fee of 60% over the total amount due for the stand. The maximum surface area that may be reserved is eighty square meters (80m2).

    In the case of SICAB sponsors’ stands, these have their own rules in terms.

    [WEB] Breeder Stand Request Form


    Jaime Molina Fernandez de los Rios
    General Director

  • Source — ANCCE — 29/07/2022
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