• 15/11/2021

    The latest issue of El Caballo Español (nº 258) is hot off the press!

    The ANCCE Press and Promotional Office is sending you the latest issue of El Caballo Español (Nº 258) magazine for the months of November-December, 2021; it is filled with interesting interviews, current events and historic articles, among other topics of interest.

    Remember that this digital version is loaded with audiovisual and multimedia contents. It is accessible from any computer and/or hand-held device.

    [WEB] Read El Caballo Español (nº 258) magazine

    If you have not yet joined the official ANCCE channels, including WhatsApp and Telegram, do so to receive this magazine with information of interest. Just follow the simple instructions provided below.

    - Add our cell phone number +34 675784407 to your list of contacts.
    - Once our number is in your directory, send us a WhatsApp with your full name and that of your stud farm; if you are a rider, be sure to tell us. It is essential that you save the ANCCE cell phone number in your phone; if you do not, messages with the link to the magazine and other information will not come in.

    - This application is a one-way messaging system.
    - Download the application on you cell phone.
    - Look for the Channel: Caballo Español ANCCE.
    - Joint the Channel.

    We hope that you enjoy this most recent issue! Kindest Regards,

    ANCCE Press and Promotional Office
  • Source — ANCCE — 15/11/2021
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