• 05/03/2021

    Most Recent PRE Genetic Assessments Announced

    Everyone interested may now access this information on the LG PRE ANCCE website and/or App to consult the traits transmitted to descendants for all of the variables assessed

    The PRE Breeding Program Management Commission continues with its efforts to share genetic improvements and increase the genetic progress of the breed’s future generations. To improve productivity and stud farms’ competitive edge while guaranteeing sustainabilityPRE Stud Book website has just published the files for each horse assessed to date. This data includes all of the genetic information, both for Dressage as well as Conformation Aptitudes for Dressage.
    Anyone who is interested may access this information and consult the qualities and traits assessed that these horses transmit to their descendants.
    The data for the performance controls used has been collected at Basic Assessments for Breeding Horses using the Lineal Conformation Scores at Young Horse Selection Tests and other federation tests for Dressage. Thus, ANCCE would like to remind the PRE sector about the importance of increased participation in these Selection Tests and the ANCCE Cup tests. 
    Horses that meet the established requirements may seek one of the Genetic Categories established within the frame work of the PRE Breeding Program. Their names will be published in the 2021 Catalog of PRE Breeding stock, in addition to being indicated on their register in the LG PRE ANCCE Stud Book.
    Throughout 2021, data will be collected from Functionality Tests at Conformation Competitions to then be included in the Breeding Program. Inaddition to Dressage and in response to the demands of many breeders,the incorporation of other disciplines where Purebred Spanish Horses excel is being studied, as well as exactly how this functional data is incorporated into the Breeding Program.
    Knowing horses’ genetic values facilitates the task of selecting those breeding horses that are most interesting to obtain descendants with specific traits. This, in turn, allows stud farms to advance their genetic selection. It is essential to have prior knowledge of both parents’ genetic values, as descendants inherit 50% of their total genetic information from each parent.

  • Source — ANCCE — 05/03/2021
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