• 18/01/2021

    New summons for ANCCE’s 2021 e-Training

    Dates in February and March established for encounters between riders and trainer Jose Daniel Martin Dockx

    ANCCE’s e-Training will continue throughout 2021 with new summons for training. For the time being, several dates in February and March have been confirmed. Monthly training follow-up is possible thanks to videos. The idea is very simple: interested owners interested need to fill out the form and send a video with the horse working to ANCCE, and the trainer—in this case Olympic rider Jose Daniel Martin Dockx—will draft a technical report of the horse/rider pair. Likewise, trainer and rider will be in contact by means of a private video call to discuss the specific problems of each horse to then continue moving forward with the training process.

    The Registration Period for February and March is now open. Remember that space is limited:

    e-Training date in February:
    Encounter date: Wednesday, February 3rd
    Send in videos: until Sunday, January 31st

    e-Training dates in March:
    Encounter date: Thursday, 11th
    Send in videos: until Monday, March 8th

    [WEB] ANCCE e-Training Registration Form

    Advantages of this system:

    - Breeders count on an extraordinary trainer with an extensive experience as a rider at a reduced rate (€30 + VAT per horse and month in the case of Full-fledged Members and €60 + VAT for Non Members).

    - You need not travel to the training venue with your horse.

    - Your rider may continue to ride at his/her normal facilities where one video per month is filmed and sent privately to ANCCE.

    Click on the link below for all essential e-training information:
    [WEB] ANCCE e-Training
  • Source — ANCCE — 18/01/2021
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