• 01/07/2008

    ANCCE presents its Promotion Plan to the press

    There will be €800 per month allowance for 12 dressage horses-riders

    On the 27th of June, at the Hotel Las Letras, in Madrid, ANCCE representatives presented the plan for the promotion of the Purebred Spanish Horse to the press. The equestrian media, as well as the EFE agency and Cinco Días newspaper, attended the event.

    The 800,000 euro budget for the plan includes several measures that seek to bring the PRE horse closer to the public in 15 countries. It aims to include the countries of Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, Sweden, Denmark, France, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Belgium, France, Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica in 2008.

    While measures are being taken to venture further into the usual markets and clientele, such as breeders and non-professional riders located in the various countries of the EU, as well as the US, this plan will also include those markets and clientele closer to home, which, up until now, have not been fully developed. This refers to non-professional Spanish riders, including children and young-riders, in the dressage and show-jumping disciplines.

    The PRE horse has some inherent qualities that make it suitable for these market segments. Its loving character, together with its intelligence, facilitates the tasks involved in dressage and show-jumping for both less experienced riders and those lacking a great deal of physical strength. This avoids the typical risks involved in using other types of horses or ponies in these competitions.

    On the other hand, a series of action items have been planned for the various uses of the PRE horse: riding horses for non-professionals, competition horses for dressage or carriage driving, breeding horses or improvers for other breeds, and horses for conformation competitions.

    Within the scope of dressage, and only in Spain, this promotional plan will grant four monthly allowances to 5-year-old horses, four monthly allowances to 6 year-olds and four to Intermediary horses; each monthly allowance amount is to be 800 euros, or an equivalent of 116,000 euros annually. To qualify for said allowance, the recipient must participate in at least three national category competitions and achieve an average—over the three competitions—of 67%. ANCCE will select from those that have earned the highest average for each age group each year. The purpose of this is to promote dressage within Spain at its base in order to aid the best horses in reaching Gran Prix and to avoid their disappearance from competition circuits due to a lack of funds.

    Alternatively, the Breed Book, which aims to become the basic manual for all those who love the PRE, will be published. This book will contain information about PRE conformation, the selection scheme, the history of the breed and its and competitive successes. It includes the essential information for anyone seeking to remain well-informed regarding the Purebred Spanish Horse. It will be published in both Spanish and English, be designed of the highest quality, and contain photographs for each section that have been specifically selected for their illustrative abilities.

    Finally, clinics will be offered in various countries where breeders and enthusiasts may get training in various subjects affecting the PRE, such as presenting at competitions, Spanish high school, dressage and carriage driving.

    Other action items included in the plan are summarized below:

    -    Trade mission to SICAB with international equestrian journalists
    -    Attendance, including a stand, at events in Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy.
    -    Creation of a representative performance for use at international trade fairs.
    -    Direct trade missions to a number of emerging countries and markets.
    -    Support of conformation competitions held outside Spain.
    -    Support for those Spanish riders and drivers of PRE horses that attend international competitions.
    -    Publicity in international equestrian magazines.

    For more information, contact the ANCCE offices at ancce@ancce.com 
  • Source — ANCCE — 01/07/2008