• 16/09/2020

    SICAB TV: Exclusive Advertising for SICAB 2020!

    Last year, the International PRE Trade Fair (SICAB) television platform received 403,500 visits from 85 countries, with more than 150 live broadcast hours and 900 videos on demand.

    This year, and given the special circumstances, SICAB TV will become the exclusive advertising platform during SICAB 2020, as there is no official event catalog.

    The deadline to contract publicity on SICAB TV is Friday, the 2nd of October. There is special bargain offering a 20% discount on all rates for Full-Fledged Members.

    Being aware of the international prominence of the event, and the importance of streaming for this year’s edition, as SICAB capacity will be limited to ANCCE breeders and members, the event’s portal—SICAB.TVwill become the main access for enthusiasts following the various competitions live or deferred from anywhere in the world. Moreover, you may access SICAB TV from hand-held devices using the official ANCCE Competition App, as well as all official SICAB social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    You are invited to participate in the success of SICAB as an international endeavor by means of its own television platform. The ANCCE Press Office is available to provide you with more detailed information that meets your specific needs and strategic objectives. Send us an email (jgomez@ancce.com - prensa@ancce.com) or phone us at +34 954 689 260 (option 2).

    Below is a link to the Press Dossier with further information:

    [PDF] Press Dossier
  • Source — ANCCE — 16/09/2020