• 24/01/2020

    Jose Daniel Martin Dockx, new coordinator of ANCCE’s 2020 Seasonal Sports Plan for Dressage

    The ANCCE Executive Committee has appointed Olympic rider Jose Daniel Martin Dockx as the person responsible for coordinating the Seasonal Sports Plan for Dressage for both adults and juniors. Divided into a number of meetings, the Seasonal Sports Plan is organized to cover all of Spain, including northern, central and southern zones of the country

    Martin Dockx has an extensive and successful career in the world of Dressage thanks to his participation in the London and Rio Olympics with PRE Horses. He is well-aware of ANCCE’s project as he participated in previous editions. In addition to his professional experience, he also has the necessary technical and teaching skills for this initiative.

    The Seasonal Sports Plan seeks to work with and help prepare horses/riders in junior and adult categories so that they are able to make the most of the natural aptitudes and then attain better results at competitions.

    Meetings throughout Spain

    There will be a variety of meeting within the scope of the Seasonal Sports Plan to cover northern, central and southern Spain. These clinics will be repeated in each geographical area to follow the work of the various pairs throughout the year.

    Specifically, there will be two meetings per zone, which may be held at the same venue, or at different locations depending on where the entry forms come from. In the case of juniors, one option is to dedicate the afternoons of those same days to them, or create specific weekend Seasonal Sports Plans for juniors. It will all depend on the number of entries received.

    To participate in second meetings of each zone, preference will be given to those pairs that have competed in the current year and those showing the best aptitudes; of course, based on the criteria of the coordinator.

    First meeting in 2020

    Central Zone: March 24th and 25th
    (at the equestrian facilities of Hípica Las Cadenas, Camarma de Esteruelas, in Madrid)

    Southern Zone: April

    Northern Zone: May

    The Dressage Commission, together with the Plan’s coordinator, will study other requests for meeting, other than those already foreseen on the agenda, if and when there is sufficient demand from possible participants.

    If you are interested in entering one or several horses from your stud farm for this initial meeting in central Spain, sign up now. Just email the filled out request form to rolivares@ancce.com before the 2nd of March, together with a 3-minute video showing the horse’s paces.

    [PDF] Entry Form

    If you are a full-fledged member of ANCCE, entry is free of charge. In the case of non-members and adults, the entry fee is €150 plus 21% VAT per meeting. For juniors, the fee is €100 plus VAT.

    Further details regarding the Seasonal Sports Plan on our web site
  • Source — ANCCE — 24/01/2020
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