• 12/11/2019

    The newest issue of El Caballo Español magazine is now available

    From the ANCCE Press & Promotion Commission, we are pleased to send you issue Nº 248 of El Caballo Español magazine. This latest digital issue is full of audiovisual and multimedia contents. It is accessible from any desk-top computer or hand-held device for your enjoyment any time of the day, anywhere in the world!

    [WEB] Read digital issue 248 of El Caballo Español magazine

    If you have yet to join the ANCCE WhatsApp and Telegram channel to receive the magazine and information of interest and about SICAB, authorize us using these easy steps:


    - Incorporated ANCCE’s cell phone number into your list of contacts: +34 675784407.
    - Once you have in your address book, send a WhatsApp to that number with your full name and that of your stud farm. You must save ANCCE’s phone number in your cell phone’s address book; if you don’t messages with the link and other information will never reach you.

    This application is a unidirectional message service. Follow these easy steps:
    - Download the application in your cell phone.
    - Look for the channel: Caballo Español ANCCE
    - Join the channel.

    We hope you enjoy this new and exciting project!
    Kind regards,

    ANCCE Press and Promotion Commission
  • Source — ANCCE — 12/11/2019
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