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    General SICAB 2019 Information

    Herein is information regarding a number of SICAB 2019 organizational aspects. This International Purebred Spanish Horse Fair hosts the 5th World PRE Horse Championship.

    SICAB will be held from the 19th to the 24th of November at the fair grounds and convention center known as Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones in Sevilla (Spain).

    Once again, ANCCE has renewed its agreement with Viajes El Corte Inglés (travel agents) to handle hotel reservations throughout the week of SICAB. Go to the link below to download the Official Accommodation Bulletin that provides a full list of hotels and their corresponding fees.

    [WEB] SICAB 2019 Accommodation Bulletin

    Breeders travelling to Sevilla by train (RENFE) to attend the International PRE Horse Fair—SICAB 2019— will have a 30% discount on all tickets for national train routes going to or returning from Sevilla. This bargain offer is valid between the 17th and 26th of November of this year.
    If you are interested, email centralita@ancce.com and request your Discount Authorization. Be sure to include your full name. Once we have sent you the authorization with the discount, then you may proceed to purchase your train ticket at www.renfe.com. Just follow the indications provided below:

    1. Click on Welcome for English.
    2. On the form on the left, select departure and destination stations, dates, etc. the desired train, dates, etc. then click on buy.
    3. On the list of outward bound trains, click on Options to access further information. Under Fare, click on the arrow and select FLEXIBLE.
    4. Do the same for the return train, and click on NEXT.
    5. A summary of your purchase will appear. Take a look at the price; click on the arrow next to the price to access more options. Look for “Congresos/Ferias” and click on it.
    6. Introduce the authorization number provided by ANCCE in the box… Don’t worry about the Codigo Descuento box, as it is not applicable for this process.
    7. Provide all the information requested, and proceed to make payment

    SICAB edits its own Official Catalog, where you may advertise your stud farm. It is a very useful informative and advertising tool for people visiting the event. 5,000 copies are published, which are handed out free of charge to breeders and international visitors; throughout the year, it is also distributed at national and international fairs and trade shows where ANCCE has a stand. Likewise, there is a digital version that is available in full at www.sicab.org and that is seen by 10,000 people
    The deadline to request an advertising insert and send in originals is Monday, the 21st of October. Go to the link below to download the request form with the fees and rates for both breeders who are members of ANCCE and those who are not. Remember that space for breeders is limited, so if you are interested, take action as soon as possible.

    [WEB] SICAB 2019 Catalog Advertising Request Form

    BOX OFFICE ticket sales:
    On the Grounds:
    - General admission from Tuesday to Sunday: €12
    - Wednesday: €10
    - Thursday, Friday, Saturday (morning) and Sunday: €15
    - Saturday (evening): €20
    *VAT included.

    ONLINE ticket sales:
    SICAB 2019 tickets are now available online. Due to high demand and limited seating for the show, online ticket purchase is strongly recommended. Go to www.sicabentradas.com
    ** Prices include €1.5 handling fee per ticket and VAT.

    You may enter horses as of MONDAY, the 7th of October.
    A) Deadlines for the reception of entry forms:

    Deadline to enter a horse: Monday, November 4 (until 11:59 pm).
    Past deadline entries: Tuesday, November 5 until Thursday, November 7 (until 1:59 pm). Should space be available, other entries may be accepted.

    ANCCE Cup for Dressage
    Deadline to enter horses: Monday, November 4 (until 11:59 pm).
    Substitution horses: Tuesday, November 5 to November 7 (until 1:59 pm).
    Once the entry deadline has been reached, substitution of horses in the ANCCE Cup for Dressage will be adjusted to complete the various levels and not based on scheduling, availability of arenas, etc. Horses that have already qualified in their level and that have failed to turn in the entry form on time will lose their place.

    ANCCE Cups for other disciplines
    Deadline to enter horses: Thursday, November 7 (until 1:59 pm).

    B) Priority for the entry of horses:
    Priority will be given to horses that have been classified over exhibition horses, if and when preference is granted to Full-fledged members of ANCCE. The ANCCE web site provides a list of already classified horses.

    C) Entry Fees:
    - Full-fledged members: €125 each for the first three (3) and €110 as of the fourth.
    - Associate members: €180
    - Non-members: €300
    - Horses entered after the deadline: in all cases, €400

    - Full-fledged members: €150
    - Associate members: €200
    - Non-members: €400

    ANCCE Cup
    1) Dressage:
    - Full-fledged members: €120
    - Non-members: €150
    2) Dressage Juniors:
    - Full-fledged members: €120
    - Non-members: €150
    3) Carriage Driving:
    - Full-fledged Members: 4-in-hand: €250, Pairs: €200, Singles: €150
    - Non-members: 4-in-hand €300, Pairs: €250, Singles: €200
    4) Doma Vaquera, Spanish High School, Show Jumping, Working Equitation and Sidesaddle:
    - Full-fledged Members: €120
    - Non-members: €150
    5) Exhibition Competition
    - The first two (2) horses: €120; as of the third horse and more, €110 each.
    6) Working at Liberty
    New category to be held at SICAB 2019.
    Fee: €50

    Upon conclusion of these events, any horse entered and that fails to enter the arena without just cause shall pay the difference for the fee as an exhibition horse.

    Entry for form Conformation: This year, entry forms MUST be filled out and sent in using the online entry system for SICAB 2019. You may access this from the PRE Stud Book Private Zone at www.lgancce.com
    You may use any of the following payment methods: web-based payment, bank transfer or cash.

    ANCCE Cup Entries: Although the entry forms are available online for all SICAB 2019 participating horses at the Private Zone of the PRE Stud Book or use the form included herein.


    For the online entries: Go to the Private Zone for breeders on the PRE Stud Book web site, using your user code and password. In the section Competitions you will see the option SICAB 2019 Entry Forms. There, your stud farm information will appears, invoices, a list of all horses registered in the PRE Stud Book with their corresponding data so that with a simple click, you may select those horses participating in SICAB and the option to reserve a tack room stall or shed. There is space in observations, to indicate any other relevant information; for example, if you are still not the actual owner of a given horse but what to present it, etc.

    Breeders may select whether they want their mares participating in the Conformation or Exhibition Competition to have a stall or a pen. The number of stalls is limited; thus, if you are interested, please check the corresponding box on the entry form. Requests will be attended on a first-come-first-serve basis, with Full-fledged members having preference until all stalls/pens are occupied.

    Entries are considered final once they have been paid in full. Once paid, said payment will not be returned, under any circumstance, as the organizers foresee contracting needs with suppliers and use the number of horses entered as reference.

    Should you be interested in reserving a stall as a tack-room, the fee is €200 for Full-fledged members and €300 for all other participants. Occupancy is subject to availability. The organizers are not responsible for theft. To safeguard against incidents, fully closed and locked tack-rooms are available (construction sheds) which may be shared by more than one stud farm. The rental fee is €400 for Full-fledged members and €500 for all other participants. As was the case last year, and given the damage to sheds at previous editions, a €150 security deposit will be charged, which is not included in the contracting fee. This amount will be returned once the keys are returned and the shed is in the same condition as when it was initially turned over. Nevertheless, should damages exceed the €150 deposit, these will be invoiced by the firm providing the service.

    Remember that 21% VAT will be added to all fees indicated, whether entry forms or the reservation of stalls or shed.

    Liability Insurance:
    The organizers do not have life insurance for horses. Please take note for this fact to take the necessary measures.
    By law, all participants must have liability insurance for each and every horse entering SICAB 2019. Horses participating in the various ANCCE Cups, and being they are members of Spain’s Equestrian Federation, are covered by Federation insurance. No additional coverage is necessary. Horses participating in the Conformation Competition, Exhibition and Working at Liberty will have to purchase Liability Insurance through the actual entry process. The fee will appear included in the final amount due on the online entry form. Should you use the conventional (paper) entry form, you will need to add an additional ten euros (€10) for each horse entered.
    Likewise, please be informed that any fees derived from travel costs and veterinarian care for horses to clinics pre-arranged by the Organizers—such as an emergency—said cost shall be paid for by the owner of that horse.

    This year, the novelty is that there will be a specific area for those horses entered as exhibition horses and that are for sale. There are sixteen (16) spaces for stallions and another sixteen (16) for mares. These will be distributed in a preferential area in the marquee for mares and the first triangle for stallions. The deadline concludes on Monday, the 21st of October.

    To enter one of these horses, the requirements include:
    - Be a Full-fledged member of ANCCE.
    - The horse must be registered in the PRE Stud Book in your own name at the time of the entry.
    - Only one (1) entry is accepted per stud farm (stallion/mare).
    - Fill out the specific form for exhibition horses or horses for sale (not online).

    Enter a Horse for Exhibition and Sales

    These horses will have an exclusive location that is independent of all other horses entered in the various disciplines, even when they are from your own stud farm. Once the entry deadline has been reached, and if all spaces are not full, then the organizers reserve the right to implement other measures.

    The entry fee is:
    - Full-fledged Members: €150 + 21% VAT.

    ANCCE, by no means, shall be held responsible for theft in stands, breeder boxes, stalls, tack rooms, etc. As of Sunday, the 24th of November, when SICAB closes its gates, you are recommended to keep all belongings secured.

    To enter a horse, contract a stand, receive stud farm documentation or participate in any way at SICAB 2019, the breeder/participant must be in good standing regarding all economic obligations with ANCCE.

    Jaime Molina Fernández de los Ríos
    General Director

  • Source — ANCCE — 02/10/2019
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