• 01/10/2019

    Angel Garcia Palacio: Winner of the SICAB 2020 Poster Contest

    Judges chose his “International PRE Rendezvous” from among 140 works of art from eight different countries

    His artwork titled Cita Internacional PRE (International PRE Rendezvous), whose author is Angel Garcia Palacio from Ecija, won the SICAB 2020 Poster Contest. This event was summoned by ANCCE, the National Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association, within the scope of the activities programmed for the 30th edition of the International PRE Trade Fair, SICAB 2020.

    The panel of Contest Judges included: Jose Juan Morales Fernandez, president of ANCCE; Carlos Bohorquez Domecq, president of the ANCCE Press and Marketing Commission; Isabel de Leon Borrero, Marchioness of Meritos and president of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Isabel of Hungary; Magdalena Haurie Vigne, owner of Haurie Gallery; Juan Fernandez Lacomba, scholar at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Isabel of Hungary and Antonino Parrilla Garcia, artist and sculptor. Their time, dedication and collaboration are greatly appreciated, as they reviewed 140 works of art to pre-select the top twenty-five. The final winner was Angel Garcia Palacio from Ecija.

    As indicated by the title of his artwork, the poster is inspired by the international scope of the Purebred Spanish Horse and the actual venue that beings together breeders and enthusiasts from all over the world. His painting technique was acrylic on wood and aerography. With this award—€3000 in prize money—the artist adds yet another honor to his extensive career.

    Likewise, there were two runners-up (€1000 each). Juan Lucena Orellana presented artwork titled Procreación (Upbringing) while Juan Antonio Martinez Fernandez authored the poster Color y Fuerza (Color & Strength).

    This year’s contest enjoyed numerous participants, not only in terms of the artwork presented, which surpassed previous editions, but for the diversity of origins. Artwork was sent in from all over Spain, as well as several international destinations, including Iran, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Greece, Siberia and Finland. Due to this fact, the judges considered the task far from easy when it came to selecting the best work of art!

    Participation in this contest was open to artists and designer at least 18 years of age, whether Spanish nationals or from abroad who presented original and unedited works of art.

  • Source — ANCCE — 01/10/2019