• 02/08/2019

    Summary of day two for the PRE Team at the Dressage World Breeding Championship for Young Horses

    Talismán LII concludes its participation at the Breeding Championship with a score of 77%

    Friday was day two of the Dressage World Breeding Championship for Young Horses in Ermelo (Holland), where it rained non-stop. There were six PRE horses competing in the various levels.

    6-year-old pairs were the early-birds. The test began at 8:30 am, with the first Spanish rider being Alberto García-Briñón on the back of Molinero FS (owned by Yeguada Arroyomonte in Avila). The current ANCCE Cup 5-year-old Champion was once again selected to participate in this Championship. Today, horse and rider return to the Ermelo arena. This descendant of El Ermitaño III earned a final score of 6.54.

    Solo de Centurión from Yeguada Centurión returned to face the world’s best contestants. With more experience under his belt, Lucas Marín performed a very lovely test with outstanding lateral exercise, both at trot and at canter. The audience praised this performance with an ovation. Their final percentage was 7.66, thus placing them in twelfth among the 37 participants.

    The last participant in the morning was Sonsoles Roldán riding Talismán LII (owned by Yeguada Las Cadenas). At 14:05, horse and rider moved down the center line of the arena. Outside, the harsh rain was not a hindrance for the rider who smoothly performed exercise after exercise with precision. Their test boasted good expression as they maintained the same spirit of the previous day. The judges assessed the horse’s quality to grant it a 7.8 for trot, 7.7 for walk, 7.4 for canter and 7.8 for submission and perspective. Their average was 7.70, thus placing 12th. This horse was impressive thanks to the freedom of its shoulders, both at walk and trot to offer true high points at trot.

    Truco de Centurión from Yeguada Centurión concluded its performance in Ermelo to improve its final average of 7.36. Most outstanding was its trot, which earned it a 7.8. Both Talismán LII and Truco de Centurión bid the 2019 Dressage World Breeding Championship for Young Horses farewell with truly praiseworthy performances.

    In the category for 7-year-olds, Yeguada Centurión had two aces up its sleeve: Rhin de Centurion and Resuelto Cen, with both horses being first-timers. The highlights of the test performed by Rhin de Centurión, ridden by Lucas Marín, were his extended trot and canter. Finally, their average was 68.354%. On the other hand, Resuelto Cen with Juan Manuel Galeano Cerezo holding the reins surpassed the 70% barrier to earn a final average of 70.091%. The main highlights of this test were the canter pirouettes, which displayed excellent engagement and balance in addition to a very cadenced and rhythmic trot.

    Photos: Lily Forado

    There will be more tomorrow, including the small finals for 6 and 7-year olds. We will keep you informed!!

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  • Source — Fotos y texto: Lily Forado — 02/08/2019
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