• 10/01/2019

    Technical Committee of Judges renews its members

    At its latest meeting held on December 20th in Madrid, the ANCCE Executive Committee, using the rights attributed by the Conformation Competition Rules and Regulations, analyzed the proposals of the Competition Commission regarding the possible renovation of the members making up the Technical Committee of Judges for the 2019 exercise. Such a renewal, should it take place and based on the established Rules, must take place before the 31st of December, 2018.

    Upon pondering the summaries of the various candidates, the Executive Committee, with the aid of the Competition Commission President Javier Albiñana, unanimously agreed that the 2019 Technical Committee of Judges would include the following members:

    - Miguel Martinez Tebar
    - Virgilio Fernandez de la Vega Santos
    - Manuel Naz Rubio

    Today, the 10th of January, the aforementioned members held their first meeting to appoint for their work and the approach for training judges for the competition season that is about to begin.

    From ANCCE, we would like to express our appreciation for the more than significant work carried out by two judges who have now left their post in the Committee: Juan Heredia Diaz del Riguero and Victor Manuel Huertas Vega. In recent years, these two judges have had a far-reaching impact on the new orientation that ANCCE has strived to promote with competitions and the corresponding judging.

    Obviously, from this point onwards, Mr. Heredia and Mr. Huertas will return to their tasks as judges, as to become members of the Technical Committee of Judges, the kindly relinquished such activities to dedicate all of their time to said Committee.

  • Source — ANCCE — 10/01/2019
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