• 13/12/2018

    Juan Lucena Orellana, winner of the International PRE Trade Fair, SICAB 2019 Poster Contest

    His work titled “Cobra de Tres” was selected by the Judges from among 57 other works of art sent in from nine countries.

    The work “Cobra de Tres” (Three-mare Cobra), by Juan Lucena Orellana from Cadiz, is the winner of the SICAB 2019 Poster Contest, summonsed by ANCCE, the National Purebred
    Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association. It is part of the activities programmed to celebrate the 29 th edition of the International Purebred Spanish Horse Trade Fair, SICAB 2019, and will be presented at FITUR (International Tourism Fair).

    Presiding over the panel of contest judges as President was the second deputy Mayor for the City of Sevilla, the Honorable Antonio Muñoz Martinez; members-at-large included José Juan Morales Fernandez, President of ANCCE, together with Carlos Bohorquez Domecq, President of the ANCCE Promotion and Communication Commission, Isabel de Leon Borrero, President of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Isabel of Hungary, Magdalena Haurie Vigne from Haurie Gallery, Juan Fernandez Lacomba, Member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Isabel of Hungary, and Antonino Parrilla Garcia, painter & sculptor. Their time, dedication and collaboration are greatly appreciated. From among the 57 works of art received, all were studied, with the work by Juan Lucena Orellana from Cadiz earning the highest score.

    As indicated by its title, the artwork is inspired in the beauty of three Purebred Spanish mares that form a “cobra”. Thanks to winning the €3000 prize, the artist adds another win to his professional career.

    This year’s event enjoyed high levels of participation, not only in terms of the works presented, but in the diversity of their origins, with original artwork being sent from a wide range of geographic locations, including countries such as Iran, Russia, Egypt, Belarus, Cyprus, Greece, Poland and Ukraine. When it came to selecting a winner, the Judges faced a very challenging task.

    Participation in the contest was open to artists and designers, at least 18 years of age, citizens of the world who presented original and unedited works.

  • Source — ANCCE — 13/12/2018
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