• 23/02/2018

    1st Training Workshop in 2018 by Bert Rutten for Conformation-Functional Competition Judges

    Last weekend, Yeguada La Cartuja Hierro del Bocado hosted the first training workshop in 2018 for Conformation-Functional Competition Judges. This two-day program began with a theory-practical class by Dutch trainer and President of KWPN Horse Breeders’ Association Commission for the Selection of Stallions, Bert Rutten. He dedicated a chapter to breeding and movement in horses.

    The workshop was divided into two sessions; in the first of these, horses under saddle and in hand—all owned by Yeguada La Cartuja—were analyzed for later debate. The second session was dedicated to watching and debating twenty-some videos of riding horses competing in Functionality. In the opinion of the Dutch expert, Spain and Purebred Spanish Horses are earning their keep in the equestrian world, to forecast an excellent future. On this second day, the program offered active judges all of the attention. Both the Technical Committee of Judges, as well as the Competition Commission, represented by its President, Antonio Moya, analyzed each and every change in the new Conformation-Functional Competition Rules and Regulations and all of the changes in the current Judging Manual.


    From ANCCE, we would like to underline the importance of these training workshops, as the help judges solve and clarify concepts and discrepancies that could arise while judging Conformation Competitions. On this occasion, the workshop counted on the participation of fifty judges (both active and inactive) who greatly appreciated the initiative undertaken by ANCCE in 2018 to continue with these training workshops. The innovation lies in the fact that there is a calendar of visits by internationally recognized professional who are renowned for their knowledge, understanding and collaboration with judges.

    Bert Rutten
    Rider, trainer, President of KWPN Horse Breeders’ Association Commission for the Selection of Stallions and member of the Young Horse KWPN Selection Team for the World Championship has had ties with Dressage for more than 30 years. An interesting point is that both he and his father participated in the Los Angeles Olympics as rider and trainer respectively in Dressage. Later, he took over from his father to train the Dutch team for the Olympics in Athens.

    To a bit to history, it must be said that in 1980, Rutten was among the top twelve world-class riders. At the age of 17, he participated in his first International Grand Prix.

  • Source — ANCCE — 23/02/2018
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