• 19/11/2014

    Letter from the President of the Membership Commission for Members of ANCCE

    Dear Member,

    Please allow me a moment to introduce myself and to greet you. I would like to mention that as the President of the Membership Commission, my door is open at all times. Our team includes Francisco Angelet, Désirée Lang, Román Romero, José María Sanz, Rafaela Vargas, Fernando Vega and I.

    We are a diverse group of members with concerns and varying situations, but all with a solid desire to work in favor of ANCCE breeders, which is the best starting point for a Commission of this nature.
    The main objective of this Commission—in addition to attending the concerns and complaints presented by members—is to put members at the forefront of all decisions made in an effort to increase satisfaction among ANCCE members, and therefore, our social mass. Another priority is to increase the direct contact with members. To do so, the first measure taken was to appoint Román Romero as the contact for national members while Desiree Lang be the liaison with international members. At the same time, we have created a direct link in the Private Zone on the ANCCE web site, with which you can contact the Commission directly so that we receive your doubts, suggestions and complaints.

    At SICAB this year, you will enjoy a number of exclusive novelties for ANCCE members only. One of these is the Membership Meeting Point, which will be located in the same stand as the ANCCE magazine, El Caballo Español, where there will be a person dedicated to members. Moreover, all components of the Membership Commission are available at all times should you wish to offer a suggestion or have an incidence.

    I do hope to greet you personally at SICAB. In the meantime, I wish you the very best.

    Carlos Montijano-Carbonell Martínez
    President of the Membership Commission

      Carlos Montijano-Carbonell
    President of Comission

    Email: cmontijano@ancce.com  
    Phone.: 696987738

    Román Romero 
    Liaison for National Members

    Email: rromero@ancce.com 
    Phone.: 657919642

      Désirée Lang 
    Liaison for International Members

    Email: dlang@ancce.com
    Tlf.: +34 699019505   
  • Source — ANCCE — 19/11/2014