• 03/11/2014

    New equine sector courses at SICAB 2014

    The 2014 breeding stock catalogs will be presented

    ANCCE, the National PRE Breeders’ Association of Spain, is organizing technical courses for breeders, enthusiasts and anyone interested in the equine sector on the 3rd and 4th of December. These courses coincide with SICAB 2014, the International PRE Trade Fair, in Sevilla. At the same time, the 2014 Breeding Catalog will be presented, both for Conformation as well as for Dressage.

    The first workshop is planned for Wednesday, the 3rd of December. It is titled: “Testing Centers and Equine Movement Analysis”. This workshop will discuss the design and operations at equine performance centers, as well as the methods used to assess movement and its application to equine breeding programs.

    The second workshop is planned for the 4th (Thursday). Titled “The Effects of Inbreeding and Innovative Molecular Technologies for the Early Diagnosis of Reproductive Alterations in Equines” this workshop will review the consequences derived from inbreeding depressions and the latest technologies available for early detection of cytogenetic reproductive changes affecting horses.

    Both workshops will be moderated by Dr. Mercedes Valera, specialist in Equine Genetics Improvement at MERAGEM Research. Likewise, a number of specialized equine researches will also be on hand. At the beginning of each course, the 2014 Breed Catalog will be presented by Dr. Pedro Javier Azor, Assistant Technical Director for the PRE Stud Book Offices and responsible for the PRE Breeding Program.

    During the inauguration, speakers include representatives from ANCCE, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Andalusian Regional Government.

    All participants in these courses will receive a diploma accrediting their participation, as well as a ticket for the SICAB Show on the day of that course (Previously , the participant must have paid the Fairgrounds access ticket).

    Simultaneous translation into English will be offered.

    To register for any of these workshops—and before the November 24th deadline—send an e-mail to: mangeles@ancce.com. Please include the following information:
    - Full name
    - ID number
    - The course/s you wish to attend
    - Postal address
    - Telephone number
    - E-mail
    - Profession
    - Company for whom you work

  • Source — ANCCE — 03/11/2014