• 18/09/2014

    Official presentation of the 2014 SICAB Poster

    Work by Canadian artist Elise Genest

    The Sevilla City Hall is as an important SICAB sponsor. The event will be held from the 2nd to the 7th of December

    This morning, Gregorio Serrano, the Sevilla Town Hall Alderman for Economy, Employment, Major Festivities and Tourism in conjunction with the President of ANCCE, Juan Tirado and the General Manager of FIBES, Gaspar Sáez, have presented the official poster for the 24th Edition of SICAB. This annual equine event will be held at the Convention Center known as Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones in the city of Sevilla between the 2nd to the 7th of December. The presentation was held in the Santo Tomas Hall of the Sevilla City Hall.

    The agreement with City Hall—renewed at the beginning of this year as a major SICAB sponsor—provides 100,000 euros to organize the event. During his speech, Gregorio Serrano stated that “the Purebred Spanish Horse, and all that it represents, is key for both the city’s economic development and tourism, because SICAB has become the third most important event in our city. This is why, for yet another year, we offer ANCCE our support, as the organizers of the event and who also manage the Official PRE Stud Book here in the city of Sevilla.”

    The President of ANCCE expressed his appreciation for the collaboration provided by the City of Sevilla and its support of SICAB in an effort to maintain the level of quality and importance that have turned the event into the most important single-breed trade fairs in the world. “Thank you for hosting the event yet another year and for the affection and coverage that is essential for SICAB to once again become a reality in the city of Sevilla. It is only right that we recognize the efforts the City Hall has and is making and we are confident that other organization will also become involved in the project.” He continued his speech to present the dates for SICAB. This the second consecutive year that the event coincides with a major holiday in Spain—the celebration of country’s constitution and the religious festivity of the Immaculate Conception. "In 2013, moving the dates into December was a positive step and this year, I am sure that it will be even better. Coinciding with a major holiday facilitates and favors attendance by both national breeders and enthusiasts.”

    SICAB has a 1.1 million euro budget and “it will incorporate innovation to benefit PRE Breeders as well as all members of ANCCE,” specified Tirado. When considering both the direct and indirect benefits, SICAB generates an annual income of 30 million euros for the city of Sevilla. “This year, we are working to offer a program that meets the demands of an event such as SICAB, with its high levels of quality,” concluded Tirado.


    The Poster

    This year, the SICAB poster is the work of Canadian artist Elise Genest (Quebec, 1983); she is passionate about Purebred Spanish horses. Her coming to be as an artist and painter is linked to horses. As an artist with an ample artistic career, she was born and raised within a family with ties to the world of art; she quickly became involved in breeding horses, her passion, and the true motivation behind her artistic career.

    Since 2005, she has been exhibiting her art at all major equestrian events in the United States and Canada. She has ample experience in the equine world, where horses are the main protagonist of all her work. As such, this year’s canvas boasts two PRE horses—one gray and another bay—roaming freely.

  • Source — ANCCE — 18/09/2014