• 29/06/2010

    New ANCCE Board of Directors

    After the first meeting of the Board of Directors, with Javier Conde in the leadership of ANCCE, and considering that the Executive Board is composed of seven members, in compliance with the by-laws, the following posts have been appointed:

    President: Javier Conde Cerrato

    1st Vice-president: Jesús Contreras

    2nd Vice-president: Augusto Romero Haupold

    Secretary: José Díaz Solís

    Members: José Varo Garrido
                   Joaquín Molina Sánchez
                   Juan Huertas Montiel On the other hand, the various taskforces were appointed. These Commissions, together with the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors will execute the many projects contained in the election program.  
    The responsibilities of each Commission have been defined so that each one can establish his/her team.  The Commission and leaders are:

        Athletic Commission: Alejandro Barrera
       Association Liaison Commission: José Ramón Fernández
       Breeding Program Commission: Víctor López Palomo
       Stud Book Commission: Pedro Maza
       Office & Member Service Commission: Juan Soltero
       Promotion & Press Commission: Francisco Angelet
       SICAB Commission: Macarena Lazo
       Competition Follow-up Commission: Joaquín Molina

    Manuel Fernández continues to be the spokesperson.
  • Source — ANCCE — 29/06/2010