• 25/06/2010

    ANCCE Response to the FOUNDATION & MELPI

    In the communiqués made by both THE FOUNDATION and MELPI, the manipulation of information can be observed, as well as an unhealthy obsession that both have towards ANCCE, which to date, is the only association in the world authorized to handle the PRE Stud Book. 

    It must be noted that the authorities of Spain at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural and Marine Resources (MARM) responded negatively to their request to handle the Stud Book in the US.  Therefore, their register lacks force and authority for the PRE as a breed. Their sole objective is to raise doubts and confusion among breeders, seek confrontation and what is even more important, support their own personal interests.  This can be concluded from the most recent press release, which refers to two topics: the UELN and the registrations in 2010.

    In terms of the UELN, ANCCE published a communiqué on both the Association and LG-PRE (Stud Book) websites to clarify the current situation, which to date, has not changed: “THE FOUNDATION has been removed by the UELN manager as an authorized organization to issue PRE passports.”  It is true that it has been issued a UELN as it does issue passports, which we believe is authorized by the US—known as PRE Mundial, a name that misleads many—and we also believe that it does exist in the US catalog of breeds.

    Even more concerning is their misrepresentation of the LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book data.  On the other hand, given the statistics that the said “breed” handles—to which the general public has no access—it clearly indicates the complete failure of its organizations.

    Since the first of January of this year 2010 until today, the following registrations have been made in the various countries, and a similar number are currently being processed.  In terms of the births in 2010, these statistics will be provided in due course.

     E.E.U.U.  349
     MEJICO  250
     FRANCIA  234
     REINO UNIDO  62
     BELGICA  60
     SUECIA  58
     NICARAGUA  57
     ALEMANIA  43
     ECUADOR  42
     COSTA RICA  31
     ITALIA  31
     SUIZA  23
     GUATEMALA  22
     COLOMBIA  19
     CUBA  14
     HOLANDA  14
     MARRUECOS  10
     AUSTRALIA  10
     HONDURAS  7
     NORUEGA  5
     AUSTRIA  4
     CANADA  4
     PANAMA  1 

  • Source — ANCCE — 25/06/2010