• 18/06/2010

    Letter from Mr. Alain Mahieu in response to the press release by Gescabonline


    I would like to share a series of thoughts with you.
    There is something that surprises me; when I go to the web site http://www.ueln.net/ueln-database/find-organizations-for-one-breed.html  as you commented on your Press Release http://www.gescabonline.com/preMundial/pre_mundial.pdf,  I do not see “Foundation for Pure Spanish Horse” as mentioned in the said Press Release, in the cut-and-pasted box below….

    I’m including a PDF of the said web site, and no mention is made of the Foundation; and I downloaded it just today.   

    Another thing: No one can say, as this “Foundation” suggests, that “EUROPE officially recognizes PRE Mundial.”  Perhaps Americans confuse FRANCE with EUROPE, or even the reverse...    Furthermore, despite what the “French Horse and Equitation Institute” recognizes, this Institute is not “EUROPE.”  It is an Institute, nothing more, and nothing less. But in the end, anything and everything except EUROPE.  Moreover: when you say ...EUROPE “recognizes..,.” it is as if it were the European Union !....   And that is not the case.  Spain, which is a country within Europe—just in case the Americans don’t know—does not “recognize” the aforementioned PRE Mundial, and nor does Belgium and the other countries.  The PRE ‘Mundial’ is a local American thing, located in the United Status of America.  And if tomorrow they manage to get UELN codes for a few localized horses in the USA?  Well, so what?

    I would like to say the following:  Anyone can “set up” a stud-book; even an Australia yokel.  There are a lot of Arab stud-books.  But the PRE Stud Book belongs to and is dependant upon the Kingdom of Spain; in other words, to all the Spanish people, and this includes MELPI employees, but not to an American or an African, there is only ONE.  And then giving it a pretentious, or even megalomaniacal name like the - PRE “Mundial” won’t work—why not call it “Universal” like a World’s Fair?—to talk about thongs that are not the same.   One thing must be said: the generation of foals whose parents were only registered with this so-called ‘Mundial’ will never be able to return to the PRE Stud Book!  Of course, they are not lost; they will eventually be beautiful and good horses as well.  But they are something else.  They will be PURE BRED AMERICAN WITH A SPANISH LOOK.  And, of course, they will eventually be able to have a UELN code if they get organized…. with the US “Administration.”

    The PRE Stud Book is Spanish National Heritage of everyone in Spain.  It must be looked after!  And looking after it means defending it no matter who handles it for the nation, and the nation belongs to the Spaniards!

    If you allow me, I would like to clarify another point.  Let’s imagine that I have a PRE stallion and mare, both registered in the LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book and that tomorrow they have a foal together, and that I don’t register this foal with the PRE Stud Book. That is my right, but, in any case I would have to identify it with the BELGIAN HORSE CONFEDERATION (BHC) to receive a passport which is obligatory under Belgian law.  The BHC would give my foal a UELN code!  It’s simple.  Only one aspect needs to be clarified: the Belgian Horse Federation is the body charged by the Belgian Government (the Belgian Ministry of Agriculture and not the French Institute...) to identify all those horses that are not identified by an individual stud book.  Therefore, my “full-fledged” PRE foal (whose parents are PREs and registered with the PRE Stud Book.) which is not registered with the PRE Stud Book, would be just like any other donkey that also has its UELN code!

    To have the right to issue UELN codes, an organization or “association” has to be authorized as a legitimate UELN code issuer by the Nation (therefore the National Ministry (or Department) of Agriculture)...  A pretty complicated process...  These are all organizations with grants from the Ministry, etc.

    In the hope of sharing a few different ideas...



  • Source — ANCCE — 18/06/2010