• 12/06/2010

    Javier Conde, re-elected President of ANCCE

    The second round of elections was held today, June 12th at the NH Plaza de Armas Hotel in the city of Sevilla.  Total breeder participation tallied 538 breeders, which represents 88.8%—a historic percentage—of the total election census.  This fact shows that ANCCE is alive and well when it comes to moving breeder interests. 

    Javier Conde re-elected Presidente of ANCCE
    Javier Conde expressed his appreciation to all breeders for their participation in the election process and expressed his desire to work with everyone.  He congratulated the other candidate, Leopoldo Fernández Pujals, to whom he turned over the microphone to address the attending breeders.

    Likewise, Javier Conde requested the union of the entire sector to work in favor of the Spanish Horse during this time of crisis. 

    The results were:

    Total votes: 538
    Votes for Javier Conde: 283
    Votes for Leopoldo Fernández: 248
    Null/void Votes: 7

    Javier Conde with members of the Board of Directors. 
    The incumbent President has one week to summons the Board of Directors and begin a new 4-year term of office to carry out his election program.
  • Source — ANCCE — 12/06/2010