• 11/06/2010

    Letter from the President of ANCCE to Mr. Julio Rosell Garcia

    Mr. Julio Rosell García Dear Mr. Rosell:

    I would kindly request that the next time you address the ANCCE breeders that you do so by including all the related information and facts.  You have provided a completely biased account of a horse called “MARCADOR” in a clear intent to obtain a favorable public opinion.

    There is only one truth, and it is the following:

    a) MARCADOR was a 23-year old stallion when he covered a mare for the first time, which is something that is surprisingly suspicious to any breeder who considers himself a breeder.  Suspicion increases considerably when a large percentage of the offspring from this stallion have diluted coats.

    b) It is true that in 2005 a blood sample was requested for the said horse, as well as its full identification: Coincidently, this blood sample was performed by a private, authorized veterinarian, and it is no less coincidental that the REQUEST FOR GENETIC ANALYSIS, which was sent to Cría Caballar, fails to contain a graphic description nor any update of the said description. c) It is completely false that FESCCR performed a compatible parentage of MARCADOR with his parents (TELEGRÁFICO and MARCADORA) in 2005.   FESCCR only determined the genotype of the blood provided, seemingly due to the fact that there was no doubt in the mind of the veterinarian who identified the said horse. d) The passports of those six (6) horses that you refer to and that were born in 2006, were provided by FESCCR who determined compatible parentage with respect to the parents, accepting the genotype of the “supposed” MARCADOR as being accurate.  e) ANCCE issued the passports of the successive offspring by MARCADOR, conducting the relationship verification and comparing it with the genotype received from FESCCR, which, as you stated, has already issued six (6) passports to the offspring by the said stallion in 2006, thus providing an appearance of truthfulness. f) As the progressive transfer of genotype data was undertaken and received from Cría Caballar and incorporated into the ANCCE Stud Book files, by means of specifically designed computer tools, the said program detected that the genotype received for MARCADOR was INCOMPATIBLE with its parents, the aforementioned TELEGRÁFICO and MRCADORA; Never before has this relationship been performed by the previous PRE Stud Book managers. g) Having verified this situation, and in the letter dated November 12, 2009 as well as other successive letters sent from the Stud Book office informing Mr. Rosell about the situation that had been detected, he was required to present the said horse to update its identification, due to the doubts that arose. h) It is untrue that Mr. Pedro Rey, or the LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book office performed a parentage verification of MARCADOR with new samples.  This, in any case, was impossible because Mr. Rosell refused, and several times due to a variety of excuses, to present the horse to verify the identification of the horse.  Consequently, we must clarify that the incompatible relationship of MARCADOR with his parents derives from the blood sample drawn in 2005, and now verified by NBT laboratory using the genotypes they have that were supplied to the Ministry of Agriculture (MARM) for re-verification. i) In the many letters during March and April, on file at the ANCCE Stud Book office, you requested different explications oriented towards solving this problem, but by no means did you make the said horse available to the approved Stud Book staff so that the corresponding verifications could be undertaken.  Consequently, the LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book office took precautionary steps and suspended the registration of MARCADOR as well as his descendents.    j) In none of the communiqués, including the one you sent a few days ago to the members of ANCCE, did you mention the important details:

    a. As soon as you received word that identity problems had arisen with MARCADOR, you proceeded to return him to the previous owner, thus recuperating part of the payment originally made.  As you very well know, this is the case, as we have written proof of this fact, and without even bothering to present this information before the identification commission as proposed by the Stud Book

    b. It is hilarious, and nobody should overlook such a significant detail, that while you were formally condemning the fact before the Ministry, and before ANCCE executives, including presidential candidates, you deliberately hid the fact that the “would be” PRE MARCADOR had died several months before, as stated in the official report from Mr. Requejo presented before the MARM.  We must only suppose that this is but another coincidence of the many that have arisen during this eventful process.

    k) Both you, Mr. Rosell, as the previous and subsequent owner of MARCADOR, and Mr. Requejo denounced all of these events, but of course, with your own version of the facts before the Ministry of Agriculture (MARM):  The Ministry requested a technical report from the LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book Executive Management, which was sent within the established time period and following all legal procedures.

    l) Dated the 13th of April of 2010, and in response to the denouncement made, the Ministry (MARM) sent an official communiqué to the President of ANCCE, which stated: 

    “Be informed that after having received a report about the death of the said horses, that body must adopt the necessary measure with respect to those animals, and their descendents, as the organization that is officially recognized to handle the breed, and to guarantee breed quality, in keeping with the current legislation (order APA 3319/2002 and section 4 of Royal Decree 2129/2008)”.

    It is only right to point out that the said communiqué fails to make any comment about any type of irregularity in the procedure followed by the Stud Book Director, neither in the way in which the process was carried out, nor in terms of content.

    m) It is appropriate to remind you that the current legislation recognizes the Stud Book manager’s to authority to:
    “In all cases, the breeder association that is officially recognized to handle the Stud Book, may establish the mandatory obligation to perform parentage verification in those countries deemed necessary.”   

    ñ) Mr. Rosell, accept the fact that neither the Stud Book office nor the Ministry were able to perform inspections because you failed to collaborate with them, and when this could be done, MARCADOR died.

    o) You have requested the help of all breeders, and we state that the LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book helps all breeders by trying to avoid any type of fraud in the registers and in horses that in the end compete with the horses they are breeding.
    Finally, I would like to state, Mr. Rosell, that you have spent weeks trying to launch a campaign to discredit ANCCE, the Stud Book, its President and all the staff involved in this case, and have even tried to make your personal problem intervene in the election campaign, but you can rest assured that whoever the next President of ANCCE might be, I am fully convinced that he will honestly preserve the registration principals of our Stud Book.  The final resolution, due to its importance, is currently being assessed by the ANCCE legal services, and in short, the final resolution to this problem you have raised will be provided.   
    In the hope that ANCCE members better understand the problem that you have raised, I would like to wish you the very best. 

  • Source — ANCCE — 11/06/2010