• 20/05/2010

    Attack on our WEB site

    We would like to inform you that as of yesterday, the 19th, ANCCE web sites—including www.ancce.com and www.sicab.org--were attacked by hackers.

    First of all, we would like to apologize for the nuisance that these attacks has and is causing members.  The SICAB web-site appeared to be blank and the ANCCE web site offered a screen with a black background and a series of messages from the pirate, who states that he as a Palestinian hacker.

    Yesterday, this problem was solved as quickly as possible, but we do not know if it could also affect e-mails sent to members.  In our opinion, it is unheard of such attack against a sector-oriented web site, such as ANCCE, has been attacked by computer hackers, who we have discovered working through servers with headquarters in Russia and Mexico. 

    The hacker or hackers perpetrating this attack explain that they have nothing against us personally.  It is simply their work, and even explained their work methods.  

    Once again, we apologize for any problems this attack could have caused you and state that we are working to solve any incidence that could arise in an effort to avoid these attacks in the future.

  • Source — ANCCE — 20/05/2010