• 16/05/2010

    Tie in the ANCCE presidential elections

    The 38th ANCCE General Assembly has concluded with a historical tie between the candidates Mr. Javier Conde Cerrato and Mr. Leopoldo Fernández Pujals. Adolfo Sánchez de Movellán obtained thirty votes less than the others.

    Now there is a waiting period between 10 and 30 days, after which there will be a second round of elections. The current board of directors will continue in office until the new president has been proclaimed.

    De izq. a drch.: Augusto Romero Haupold, Pedro Maza Íñiguez, Javier Conde, José Díaz Solís y Jaime Molina Fernández de los Ríos.

    There were 525 votes, from a total census of 761, meaning a 70% participation rate. This is the first time in the 38 years of Association history that there has been a tie. On another subject, a budget of 4.9 million euros was approved for 2010, as well as the annual accounts. Due to the current economic situation, the budget for 2010 is for 5% less than the amount reserved for expenses in 2009.
    Presidente de ANCCE, Javier Conde en el momento de su comparecencia Likewise, an Equestrian Fair in Madrid (Madrid Cabalga) was approved from the 8th to 12th June 2011. This event will count on the IFEMA fairground facilities and will be a qualifier for the Final of the Spanish Championships at SICAB. Finally, the Assembly appointed Sevilla breeder Jaime Guardiola as the 2010 Honorary Member.  He has an extraordinary record of competition awards and dedication to the Spanish Horse.  
  • Source — ANCCE — 16/05/2010