• 19/04/2010

    Official communique to ANCCE Members about the proxy

    At the April 9 meeting, in compliance with the mandates laid out in Article 11 of the By-laws and agreed to by the Board of Directors in exercise of their duties as recognized in Articl    e 37 a), the following agreements were adopted about proxy voting:

    -    Representative on behalf of corporations: A corporations must appoint a representative to exercise membership rights. A single individual may not represent more than three (3) members.

    -    Representation on behalf of  individual members: The individual member may knowingly designate a representative to carry out his/her membership rights. A single individual may only represent another member.
    In accordance with these rules, an example of maximum representation that a single person could hold would be as follows:

    Representative 1: individual member  // corporate  member
    Representative 2: corporate member
    Representative 3: corporate member

    If the maximum number of representations is exceeded, the ANCCE staff will inform the last member to have sent their representative`s appointment, so that this can be changed.

    Members must inform ANCCE of their representative`s appointment, obligatory or voluntary, before 12 noon on the 11th of May, 2010.

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  • Source — ANCCE — 19/04/2010