• 31/03/2010

    Rumboso VIII and Marcador removed from the Stud Book

    A few days ago, the Stud Book proceeded to remove the horses RUMBOSO VIII and MARCADOR from their registers as a precautionary measure.  The same holds true for all descendents of these two horses, until the exact identity of both is verified.
    In the case of RUMBOSO VIII, it seems that the horse has died, and according to Stud Book files, there is not blood sample on file.  Therefore it is impossible to confirm the compatibility with his descendents.  RUMBOSO VIII was born in 1972, and the first registration of his descents was in 2008, when the horse was 33 years old, with no descendent having been registered throughout any of the previous years.  The owner of the said horse assures that the blood sample was deposited with a laboratory of his choice, rather than an authorized laboratory, with which the verification of the horse’s identity and background is as difficult as improbable. 
    In the case of MARCADOR, out of MARCADORA by TELEGRÁFICO, it is a horse that was born in 1982.  His first descendent was registered by FESCCR in 2006. From this, it can be deduced that the first coverings took place in 2005, when the horse was 23 years old.   Once the genetic data base was transferred to ANCCE, Stud Book managers detected that the blood from that horse, deposited in 2006 with the FESCCR authorized lab in Cordoba, was not compatible with the parents.
    Consequently, blood must be extracted from MARCADOR to verify whether or not the blood originally deposited at the lab corresponds to that horse, and therefore issue a final report about the parentage. 

    Since November of 2009, Stud Book managers have been in contact with the owner to perform the said verification, but to date, that has not been possible. 
    Until the verification is undertaken, all registrations linked to the said horses and their possible descendents has been put on hold as a precautionary measure.
    The ANCCE Stud Book Commission has taken this measure after receiving all the data from the Technical Office, has informed Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs and has verified the information with those responsible and involved in this matter. 
  • Source — ANCCE — 31/03/2010