• 22/03/2010

    Carification by the Competition Follow-up and Control Commission

    Dear Breeder, the Competition Follow-up and Control Commission would like to clarify the following information for all members:
    All competitions considered authorized (for example, those presented after the deadline) by the Follow-up Commission, although they are not classifiers for the Spanish National Championship Final, will be allocated substitute judges—chosen beforehand by a draw before a Notary—and for the same month the competition is to take place.  This allocation of the monthly substitute judges shall follow the inverse order of their selection at the aforementioned draw. In other words, of the Category B judges (first chosen being Judge B-1 and second chosen being Judge B-2), and only for these cases, Judge B-2 will be the first option substitute, while Judge B-1 will be the second option.   This person will judge if the previous judge—duly justifying his/her reasons—is unable to perform his/her duties. 

  • Source — ANCCE — 22/03/2010