• 08/03/2010

    Important Information for ANCCE Memerbs

    In the last couple of days, we have leaned that breeders are receiving e-mails from an address that is identified as ANCCE ANCCE when it is really coming from an e-mail account identified as ancce.cortijodecuartos@gmail.com

    Please be warned that these e-mails are note being send from the ANCCE office, but rather, they are from an unknown source.  Based on the content, we can dare say that the said e-mails could be linked to one of the pre-candidates seeking the ANCCE presidency. 

    Always be careful to identify the sender and then proceed as you see fit.  Using your mouse, if you click on any e-mail from ANCCE, the address ancce@ancce.com will appear.  Likewise you might receive an e-mail from someone in the office, in which case, their name will appear followed by @ancce.com, which corresponds to the ANCCE domain and server on all outgoing e-mails. 

    From here, we would ask the sender/s of these e-mails to cease immediately, as on the one hand, it leads to confusion, and on the other hand, it could be seen as identity theft.  ANCCE is a registered brand name belonging to the Association members as a group and cannot be arbitrarily used for personal gain. Therefore, measures will be taken to preserve our property and communication rights with our members.   
  • Source — ANCCE — 08/03/2010