• 18/02/2010

    Export Certificate for horses going to China

    As economic development continues, the Chinese market is opening up to horse imports.

    A number of PRE horses have already been exported, and there are brokers and transportation companies who have carried out the whole process satisfactorily, including the shipment of the horses to their destination in China.

    For the time being, horses can only be exported through Holland and France, as these are the only countries within the European Union that have signed an export protocol with China.

    For your information, the original export certificates and the translation into Dutch re included herein. Thus, you are aware of the health requirements that are currently demanded in each one of these countries.

    In the case of France, as you can see, the horse must have been born in France, or have lived in the country for at least one year prior to export.
    Spain is currently in contact with the Chinese government, in the initial negotiation phase to establish a protocol. [PDF] Export Certificate from France to China [PDF] Export Certificate from Holland to China
  • Source — ANCCE — 18/02/2010