• 03/02/2010

    Stud Farm Representatives

    To facilitate the election process that will begin within a few weeks at ANCCE, and in an effort to ensure that the voter list is sufficiently clear, both for the Election Board, and for the candidates running for the Presidency of ANCCE, the following aspects must be taken into consideration, as established by the association by-laws:

    Article 11: “Corporate bodies, organizations and associations that are members of the Association shall participate in its activities and in the governing bodies by the appointed representative, designated to that effect as holder and/or substitute on the application form or by means of the relevant written notification.
    Under no circumstance shall the same person be designated as the representative or delegate of more than three (3) members.

    To date, many stud farms have designated their representative and/or substitute, but it is also true that many others have not yet fulfilled this statutory precept. Your stud farm is among these.

    [PDF] Stud Farm Representatives

    Please, before March the 15th this year (2010), the day the Election Board is constituted, either e-mail to inmasegura@ancce.com, or fax, (+34) 954-690327 the name of the person who is the official representative of your stud farm, so that we have an official notification of who is the person who can exercise membership rights on behalf of your stud farm, in any such process.

  • Source — ANCCE — 03/02/2010