• 28/01/2010

    Rules to be a memeber of 2011 ANCCE Team

    1.  HORSES

    The horses will be those that in 2011 compete in the classes for 5 and 6 year olds and those that compete in Intermediare I or II, which have obtained the highest averages in the classes for 4 and 5 year olds and Intermediares in 2010 in at least 3 national *** competitions, international competitions, or Spanish National championships. The minimum final score for this purpose will be 67%. This score must be awarded by at least two panels of judges.

    The number of scholarships awarded and horses chosen will depend on the amount approved for the 2011 ANCCE promotional budget.

    The number of horses selected for each age group may increase if the minimum number established for another category is not filled, as may be decided by the competition commission, depending on the quality of the candidates. In the event of a tie in the averages, this commission will award the grant to the horse with the greatest potential. This commission may select the horses it deems to be the most suitable, should the established requirements for participation not be fulfilled.

    All horse must have a passport that accredits it as a Purebred Spanish Horse.

    Being that the grant is awarded to the horse, should the said horse change ownership during the year, it will continue enjoying the grant, provided that it continues to comply with these rules.

    If a horse abandons the competition for any reason, or should it fail to take part in two of the competitions on the calendar sent to the competition commission, the grant will automatically be suspended.

    Since the horses are selected in the last three months of the year, the current averages will be borne in mind to calculate the scale, although the grants will be applied the following year. That is to say, the horses selected in 2010, will be 4 and 5 years old, and participants in Intermediare, who will receive their grants when competing in 2011, in tests for 5 and 6 year olds or in Intermediare I or II, respectively.
    Annually, upon conclusion of the national dressage competition, the competition commission will update the minimum requirements to receive grants and will select the corresponding horses.

    All horses and riders must display ANCCE team publicity on all the rider’s training garments, as well as on the blankets of the horse, tack chest, stable and transport elements of the horse. The prefix “ANCCE” must also be included in the name of the horse when entering competitions.
    ANCCE will supply garments for the rider, as well as the rug for the horse and the distinguishing characteristics for the rest of aforementioned elements. 2. OWNERS

    Owners of horses included in the ANCCE team must be members of ANCCE when requesting the grant.

    Owners must request the grant they will receive monthly from the association and use the funds received in training and maintenance of the horse, as well as to attend competitions. 

    The said owners must participate in a minimum number of pre-established competitions and in the publicized categories. They must respect the specified requirements for publicity. 

    To receive the grants, the ANCCE competition commission must receive the horse’s annual competition calendar, as well as a monthly report about its development, according to attached model.
  • Source — ANCCE — 28/01/2010