• 14/12/2009

    Official Statement from the competition follow-up and control commission

    At the Competition Follow-up and Control Commission meeting held on the 10th December, the following agreements were reached, which were subject to the jurisdiction of the Executive Committee, who gave their approval:

    - Propose the relevant changes in the Rules and Regulations in the light of the experience of their application during 2009, for application at competitions to be held in 2010. As an initial measure it is intended that the knock-out round be suspended in all types Championships, including the final of the Spanish Championships. The purpose of this round was to save time in the judging of sections with large number of horses, and experience has proven that the sough time savings has not taken place.  Therefore, from now on, all horses appearing in a section will be judged.

    This measure will have two immediate consequences:
    o The finals, as held this year at SICAB 2009, will be eliminated.  If the scores of all the participating horses in a given section are published, the final placings will come to light automatically.

    o A competition team of judges shall not judge more than 80 horses per day, with the exception of the final of the Spanish National Championships.

    - An informative report will be launched to clarify the facts and events taking place among breeders during the progress of Section 12 of the Spanish National Championships Final this year (SICAB 2009). All changes made in the Rules and Regulations as proposed by this Commission will be presented for ratification by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors at the meeting to be held in January. Joaquín Molina Sánchez
    President of the Commission
  • Source — ANCCE — 14/12/2009