• 17/11/2009

    Communiqué about 2009 SICAB Judges

    For the general knowledge of all those breeders affected, the Commission for the Control and Follow-up of Competitions would like to inform about an important issue affecting the celebration of the Spanish National Championships Final (SICAB 2009):

    “Today, and upon reviewing the list of participating horse at this year’s edition of SICAB, Luís Rodríguez Gómez, the main competition judge according to the draw held on November 11, has informed us of a conflict of interests to judge the horse “KETAMA,” which is participating in section 10 of the Championship. 

    Given that the aforementioned judge had already declared a conflict of interests with the stud farm presenting horses in sections 4 and 6, the Commission for the Control and Follow-up of Competitions has proceeded to apply article 40 of the Competition Rules and Regulations, which states the following: 

     “The OC (Organizing Committee), having received the entries and information regarding the incompatibilities declared by the Judges, must proceed to ratify or modify the Judges that will definitively judge at the competition.

    The limit for the maximum number of incompatibilities permitted for each one of the Judges will be that of two sections and/or 3 horses in total.”
    Consequently, and upon the appearance of the said incompatibilities in three sections, Luís Rodríguez has and is obliged to renounce judging this year’s Spanish National Championship.

    In keeping with the results and conditions of the draw held before a Notary Public, Javier García Romero shall occupy the post of judge, and following the established order of the draw, Virgilio Fernández de la Vega Santos shall become substitute judge.
    Joaquín Molina Sánchez
    President of the Commission for the Control and Follow-up of Competitions
  • Source — ANCCE — 17/11/2009