• 16/10/2009

    Clarification about the management PRE Stud Book

    Dear Breeder: With regards to the statement made by the UCCE, which is disseminated in a number of circles, I would like to state that ANCCE is the only legally recognized organization to handle and manage the PRE Stud Book and therefore issue official documentation for the PRE Horse the world over.  This is confirmed by the various official national and international registers.  Included herein are several Internet links:   European Union:
    http://circa.europa.eu/irc/sanco/vets/info/data/breeding/br-eq.html#SPAIN World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses:
    http://www.wbfsh.org/?GB/Members.aspx Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine Resources of Spain
    Regards,  Javier Conde
  • Source — ANCCE — 16/10/2009