• 29/09/2009

    ANCCE will participate al the El-Jadida Horse Show in Morocco

    ANCCE will have an informative stand at the second edition of the El Jadida Horse Show in Morocco, which will be held in the city of El Jadida from the 21st to the 26th of October at the Princess Lolla Malika Race Track. Despite the event’s limited experience, the first edition surpassed all expectations with a total of 110,000 visitors.  This second edition hopes to surpass the 150,000 visitor count.  The 20-hectare fair grounds will house 62 exhibitors and 623 horses, of which 77 will be on exhibit, 260 will participate in the Tbourida Show and 286 will be on hand for the Dressage, Show Jumping and Polo competitions. The ANCCE booth will be in the exhibitor area where promotional materials will be given out, as well as DVDs about the PRE and SICAB, the magazine El Caballo Español, post cards, 2009 SICAB posters, ANCCE calendars and posters with the various breeder brands.  All these materials will be used to promote the PRE in this new market.  It would be a pleasure to see breeders from Spain at the ANCCE stand and to count on your presence and to be able to meet during the fair.  Two maps are included herein, one for the fair and the other covering the exhibitors’ marquee. If you want additional information about the Show, go to the web site: http://www.salon-cheval-eljadida.ma Should you need further information about ANCCE’s participation at this Show, pleas contact Inés Parias at: ines.parias@ancce.com  
  • Source — ANCCE — 29/09/2009