• 24/09/2009

    Notificacion from the ANCCE Executive Board

    Due to the countless comments that have been made, both publicly and privately, about the subject of the election of judges and the judging procedure at the up-coming SICAB 2009, the ANCCE Executive Board would like to publicly ratify the agreement that was reached on the 11th of September and that, in summary, covers the following aspects.

    - Judges that have agreed to judge at SICAB 2009 are not involved in any incompatibilities according to the rules and regulations and, in addition, have not been subject to any disciplinary action either as an interim measure or by means of a definite resolution.  Their names will be selected at a public drawn, at the main ANCCE office, before a Notary from the College of Notaries in Sevilla on a date that will be published well in advance, so that all breeders who are interested can attend the said draw.

    - The Notary, following the draw, will name the six (6) judges that have been selected for the competition, as well as the reserve judge, who will only judge in exceptional circumstances.

    - Once selected, the names of the judges will be appointed immediately.

    - The six (6) judges will judge in teams of three, which will be established by a drawn during SICAB and which will be unalterable during the entire competition. Also to be drawn, publicly, is those sections each group of judges will judge. One of the groups will judge the knock-out round, while the other will judge the finalists and this format, in accordance with the current Rules and Regulations, will take place in each one of the sections. The exceptions to this system are the Cobra sections.

    - The functionality test for the stallion sections will be judged by the team of judges of judging the knock-out round.

    - All six (6) judges selected to judge the competition, will judge the Special Awards   THE EXECUTIVE BOARD
  • Source — ANCCE — 24/09/2009