• 22/09/2009

    Conformation Competition Follo-up Commission

    MEETING TOGETHER The Conformation Competition Follow-up Commission, with the aim of taking into consideration the possibility of instigate an informative proceeding prior to initiating Disciplinary Actions according to the rules laid out in Appendix II of the Rules and Regulations for Conformation-Functional Competitions for PRE Stallions and Mares, under the heading “Misconduct and Disciplinary Action at Conformation Competitions,” due to the events which took place during the 10th Torrejoncillo Conformation and Functional Competition 2009, held from the 11th to 13th of September at the aforementioned location. HAVING SEEN - The written accusation, reported by a significant number of participant breeders at the competition held in the town of Torrejoncillo, in which the supposed irregularities took place during the said competition, requesting that the Competition be contested and that all the results earned by the participating horses be voided.

    - The document written to this Commission on the 13th of September 2009, by Mr. Ramón Martin Hernández-Cañizares on behalf of the stud farm known as Dehesa de Cabeza Rubia S.L., stated his version of the events and the circumstances of the facts reported.  Likewise, reports were provided by the Competition Judges, Mr. Manuel Serna, Mr. Juan Carnero and Mr. Francisco Hernández, and the Official Commissary of the Competition, Mr. Juan José Vega AGREED To open the informative file to elucidate the facts denounced in the context of the 10th Torrejoncillo Conformation and Functional Competition 2009, as to whether these events could constitute a misdemeanor or whether they require disciplinary procedure.   Jacobo Rojo Ruiz de Terry
    Commission Secretary
  • Source — ANCCE — 22/09/2009