• 07/08/2009

    SICAB 2009

    As has become customary at this time of the year, preparations are underway to ensure that, in November, SICAB will once again be the best showcase for the PRE Horse. Important SICAB information has been included in this newsletter.

    1. DATE
    SICAB 2009 will take place from the 24th to 29th of November. 2. HOTELS
    This year we have reached an agreement with Viajes El Corte Inglés (travel agency), whereby they will handle all SICAB hotel reservations. Their telephone number is: (+34) 954-25-47-18
    Below is a list off more economical hotels that might be suitable for grooms: - HOTEL CUBA SOL II
    Antigua Crta. Carmona, nº 60-62, opposite COBREROS (supermarket)
    Tel: (+34) 954-41-79-68 - HOTEL TRES CARABELAS
    Crta. Madrid, Km. 531, next to the airport; take the arrVATls lane, opposite Construcciones Aeronáuticas.
    Tel: (+34) 954-25-47-03 - (+34) 954-52-70-05 - HOSTAL CUBA SOL
    Crta. Brenes, nº 1 (the Parque Alcosa - Valdezorras crossing)
    Tel: (+34) 954-51-04-93         
    As always, only those horses who have previously qualified at one of the competitions included in the Spanish National Championships may take part in the final.

    The 2009 entry fee is the same as last year; that is three hundred euros (€300.00) per horse entered, although the entry fees full and associate members of ANCCE will be subsidized as follows:
    - FULL MEMBERS OF ANCCE: each of the first three horses entered will be subsidized with one hundred and seventy-five euros (€175.00); for every horse exceeding this number, the subsidy will rise to one hundred and ninety euros (€190.00).

    - ASSOCIATE MEMBERS OF ANCCE: the subsidy will be one hundred and twenty euros (€120.00) per horse entered.

    Should you wish to contract a box as a tack room for the conformation competition, the cost will be two hundred euros (€200.00) for members and three hundred (€300.00) for non-members.  This year, these boxes are subject to availability.

    All the prices listed—both the entry fees for the horses and the reservation of boxes—are subject to the corresponding 16% VAT (value added tax).

    The deadline of entries is the 5th of November!  Under no circumstances will this deadline be extended.

    Entries will be considered final once the reservation has been paid in full. Once payment for an entry has been made, the fee will not be returned under any circumstances, as the organization must calculate the requirements for supplies, and will use the actual number of horses registered for the event a reference.

    Stud farm publicity may only be placed in the area of the mares pens using the pre-established Association format. 4. BREEDER CATALOG
    As is customary every year, there is an official SICAB competition catalog in which stud farms may request publicity. The deadline to request inclusion, including the reception of originals, is the 30th of October. Included herein is the form for inclusion in the catalog; please fill it out and sent it to the ANCCE office. The 2009 fees for stud farm publicity can be found on the aforementioned form.

    Please remember that there is limited space for the stud farm publicity, therefore it is in your best interest to act quickly. 5. DONATION OF TROPHIES
    Once again, breeders and aficionados may offer one of the awards that recognizes the best horses in the Spanish National Championships.  This award/trophy may be in the name of an individual person, in that of their Stud Farm, or in the name of the company where they work.  The awards are bronze sculptures by the prestigious artist, Alberto González de la Peña; the cost of each trophy is indicated on the corresponding form that is enclosed with this letter.

    The purchase and donation of one of these trophies is the best way to collaborate in the organization of the Trade Fair, whose budgets increase year after year.

    Should you wish to enter a horse, contract a stand, receive breeder documentation or participate in SICAB 2009 one way or another, all accounts pending with ANCCE for any service must be paid up.
    The selection of the Judges for this edition of SICAB will be determined by the Conformation Competition Follow-up Commission, according to a survey they are carrying out on this year’s judging.

    As in previous years, in addition to the Final of the Spanish National Championships for Purebred Stallions and Mares, various other competitions in other competitive disciplines will be held at SICAB. Both the entry fees and the economic prizes will be laid out in this newsletter for Dressage, Doma Vaquera, Alta Escuela and the Exhibitions Competition.  Those referring to Show-jumping and Competition Carriage Driving will appear in a later letter.

    - The 2009 entry fee in all disciplines (except carriage driving) will be the same as last year; one hundred euros (€100) (+ 16% VAT), with the right to a box

    - Should you want a box as a tack room, it will be an additional two hundred euros (€200) (+ 16 % VAT)

    - Placings and scores in the Classic Young Horse Circuit and the ANCCE Cup for Dressage can be found at: http://www.ancce.com/

    - The prize money will be as follows:

    - DRESSAGE: All the tests will have the same prize money:
         1st - €1,050
         2nd - €810
         3rd - €540
         4th - €360
         5th - €240 - DOMA VAQUERA:   

         Novice:                             * Advanced:   
         1st  - €510                          1st - €660   
         2nd - €330                          2nd - €420   
         3rd - €210                           3rd - €210    - ALTA ESCUELA (Spanish High School):

         1st - €850
         2nd - €650
         3rd - €400
         4th - €300
         5th - €200 - EXHIBITIONS COMPETITION: The exhibitions will be free-style, and can include any competitive or artistic style.  The duration must not exceed 6 minutes. Those who take the top places will perform at the closing ceremony of SICAB 2009, during the afternoon of Sunday, the 29th of November. The economic prizes will be:
        1st - €1,000
        2nd - €750
        3rd - €550
        4th - €350
        5th - €250 These amounts of money are understood to be gross for the organization, from which all taxes or legal deductions will be applied.

    In all the competitions, to be eligible for prize money, the participating stallions, geldings and mares must provide proof that they are registered in the PRE Stud Book, independent of whether they are entire or castrated, or whether they have been approved as breeding stock.

    Included herein are the entry forms for all the competitive disciplines and competitions.  Please note that there are a maximum number of participants for each test, except in the case of Dressage.  In the Dressage final, all those horses that have previously qualified for the final may participate, in accordance with the Rules and Regulations for the 2009 ANCCE Cup. Therefore, to avoid exclusion, the entry form should be completed and sent to us as soon as possible.

    Likewise, remember that this upcoming 19th and 20th of September is the seventh workshop organized by Foro de Opinión El Caballo Español (Opinion Forum) in the city of Ronda (Malaga), where the present and future perspectives for the PRE Horse, currently facing the crisis, will be discussed. If this subject matter is of interest to you, register now “on line” through the ANCCE web-site: http://www.ancce.com/ [PDF] 2009 Spanish National Conformation Championships Final [PDF] ANCCE Cup for Dressage [PDF] ANCCE Cup for Alta Escuela [PDF] ANCCE Cup for Doma Vaquera [PDF] Exhibition Competition [PDF] Catalog [PDF] Donate Trophy
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