• 31/07/2009

    Explanatory note from the Follow-up Commission for PRE Conformation Competitions

    Based on the interpretative power granted by article 5 of the Conformation Competition Rules and Regulations to the Follow-up Commission with regards to content, at the meeting held on the 18th of June, the following agreement was reached unanimously: “Regarding the serious and very serious disciplinary measures contemplated in the Disciplinary Procedure for Conformation Competition Rules and Regulations, and according to article 22 and other articles of the aforementioned legal text, this Commission has interpreted that the disciplinary measures restricting the right to participate in competitions affect both the wrongdoing breeder and the horses he/she may own participating in the competition in which the misconduct took place.”
    An to this effect, I, Joaquin Molina Sanchez, as the President of the Follow-up Commission, hereby sign the present resolution for its immediate application. 
    Joaquín Molina Sánchez
  • Source — ANCCE — 31/07/2009