• 17/07/2009

    The new ANCCE office will be located at the Dehesa de Valme Technological Park

    On the 26th of June, the Dos Hermanas Town Council awarded a lot at the Dehesa de Valme Technological Park, for the new ANCCE offices. This will allow the association to have its own real estate assets for the first time in its 35 years.

    Architects Ignacio Zalvide, Luisa Alarcón and Mª Luz Galdames will be in charge of the project. There will be two, inter-connected buildings with 4,000 square meters of building area and 80 parking spaces to house both the Association and the Stud Book.  This will facilitate the services offered to breeders who seek to perform tasks in person. The new ANCCE offices, which will attend PRE needs and interests in 67 countries the world over, is adjacent to the Dos Hermanas race track and will also include the animal health and conformation laboratories.

    Currently, negotiations are underway with a number of private and public bodies to finance the construction.  Work is expected to begin during the quarter of this year, and it is anticipated that it will be completed within two years.
  • Source — ANCCE — 17/07/2009