• 09/07/2009

    CAR - ANCCE triumphs at the Estepona CDN3*

    Last weekend, the Andalusian PRE Breeders’ Association organized the Dressage CDN*** championships at the Costa del Sol School of Equestrian Art in Estepona (Malaga) with a large number of participants. Amongst these, horses from the High-performance Center, CAR-ANCCE, were most outstanding, by taking the top places in both the ANCCE Cup, and the general competition.

    Three horses and their riders dominated their categories: “Barquero JF”, ridden by José Antonio García Mena and owned by Yeguada Miño, was awarded the highest score of the 19 horses participating in the five year-old tests, achieving a final score of 69.700%.

    On Saturday, in the Prix St Georges category, “Tesoro JEM”, again ridden by José Antonio García Mena, and owned by Yeguada El Solei, took first place, achieving an average score of 94.825%.  Finally, at the Prix St Georges level, José Antonio García Mena repeated his title of first place; he was the best rider, with “Norte”, owned by Yeguada Lovera.  This horse is an important asset for the CAR-ANCCE High Performance Center thanks to the good results he obtained last year and the even greater success they are hoping to obtain this year.

    After months of work and constant preparation by their trainers, consultants and riders, CAR-ANCCE horses have triumphed at the most outstanding dressage competitions where they have participated throughout Spain.

  • Source — ANCCE — 09/07/2009