• 08/07/2009

    Once again, the ANCCE Team takes the top positions, at the Estepona CDN3*

    No fewer than 90 horses traveled to the Costa del Sol School of Equestrian Art in Estepona, Malaga last weekend to participate in the CDN3*, qualifier for the ANCCE Cup and the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Resources (MARM) Young Horses Selection tests (PSCJ).

    Once again, three ANCCE Team horses and riders stood head and shoulders above all other participants. “ANCCE Pilatos”, ridden by Cándido Tardio, owned by Yeguada el Moralejo, achieved second place in the line-up of five year-olds. He did this with the preliminary round where he achieved the highest score of 69.000%, while in the final he was overtaken by Barquero JF. The second ANCCE Team horse was “ANCCE Armas Zarzeño”, ridden by Sergio Martí and owned by Orientalia Hispana.  He took first place in the 6 year-old test, to win both the preliminary and the final, achieving the highest average score in his category, 70.600%.
    ANCCE Latigo IV, ridden by his owner Magin Mateu was less fortunate. Despite a good performance on the first day, at the start of the trot, the rider felt it necessary to leave the arena, for reasons that are still unknown, but the horse was not comfortable. Magin Mateu, father, explained: we still dont know what happened, but the horse sneezed more than 40 times in a question of minutes. We think that an insect got into his respiratory tract and caused ANCCE Latigo IV to not feel well. My son reacted quickly, and decided to leave immediately. The first thing we must be concerned about is the health of the horse.

    But this did not cause a problem for the horse or rider, as on the following day, in the final, they demonstrated that they were on top form, with a perfect performance, achieving the second best score at their level, 69.000%.

    Congratulations to everyone for taking  the top positions within this intense 2009 season of the ANCCE Cup competition circuit!

  • Source — ANCCE — 08/07/2009