• 17/06/2009

    Rebuttal to statements about the number of Stud Book registrations

    Although it is standard procedure at this Association not to become involved in debates in public media when it comes to COMMENTS made against the said Association on a regular basis by certain people and bodies in a clear effort to undermine us, we consider it necessary to respond to the information disseminated by the firm MELPI about the number of registrations made in the Stud Book during this year 2009.

    In the light of such malice, lacking in all truth, ANCCE would like to state the following:  

    1. The registrations made in the Stud Book for Purebred Spanish Stallions and Mares, between the 1st of January and the 30th of May of this year 2009 have been as follows:

            15,298 horses.
    12,889 born in Spain. 2,409 born in other countries. 2. MELPI has issued completely false information, from an unknown sources, which, in the best of cases, is mistaken.  

    3. The truth of the information provided by ANCCE in this Press Release can be verified by any breeder who consults the LG-PRE-ANCCE Stud Book Web site at www.lgancce.com, both in the section of family tree as well as accessing the restricted zone for each stud farm.  

    4. ANCCE reserves the right to take the necessary legal actions to safeguard its legitimate rights as the body handling the Stud Book and the information that arises from it.  

    In Sevilla on June 16, 2009

    Javier Conde Cerrato
  • Source — ANCCE — 17/06/2009