• 05/06/2009

    Success at the 3rd PRE Breeders\' Forum held in the USA

    This past month of May, specifically on Friday, the 29th, the National Conformation Championships were held in Los Angeles at the PRE EXPO 2009 facilities, which coincided with the 3rd PRE Breeders’ Forum, organized by ANCCE.  

    The topic proposed—as with the other forums already held—was “The PRE Selection Scheme.”  This topic sparked interest and summonsed a large crowd eager for knowledge, as the participants commented to Ignacio Candau Cruz-Conde, who is responsible for the said commission and in charge of speaking.  Likewise, several representative from the ANCCE Executive Committee—Pedro Pons—and Kimberly Boyer, as the President of USPRE—were on hand at the event.

    There were more than forty participants who were truly interested in the discussion; in fact, the session lasted two hours while they discussed a number of basic topics, such as learning about the categories for sire stallions and mares, the performance tests and a long list of etceteras.   Other more complex discussion topics included the genetic evaluations that place the horses in the various categories.  Throughout the forum, the questions that arose were covered as well as comments and doubts presented by the attendees.  Those breeders who showed the most interest in the topics covered were invited to a second meeting the following day.  

    The Americans expressed their satisfaction with the Section Scheme as it is a decisive push to stimulate Purebred Spanish Horses breeding in both Spain and the world over. 

  • Source — ANCCE — 05/06/2009