• 18/05/2009

    Recarding breeder stands SICAB 2009

    We are sending you the form that must be completed to reserve your SICAB 2009 breeder stand.  Also included is the price list, so that you can specify the square meters you would like to request. This reservation application form is both for those members who had a breeder stand at SICAB 2008, and for those who are interested in reserving a stand for this year but who have not done so previously.

    The deadline to reserve the stand will be the 12th of June 2009. Those who had a stand in 2008 will be given preference. In the event that your reservation is not confirmed, these stands will immediately be made available to those requesting new stands, which will be assigned based upon the arrival date of the requests.

    To make this reservation, you must deposit six hundred Euros (€ 600) in the account number: 2100 2320 55 0200168822 at the Caixa Bank (Swift number CAIXESBBXXX, IBAN ES98 2100 2320 5502 00168822) in advance. This amount will subsequently be discounted off the final invoice for the stand. Should ANCCE confirm the space and the breeder fail to mount the stand, this amount will not be refunded.

    The conditions for assembly, schedules, and use in general will be specified on the breeder contact form.  Should breeders want to use videos, music or have musical performances at their stands, an additional, one hundred Euro (€ 100) fee must be paid to SGAE (General Authors’ & Editors’ Society). [DOC] SICAB 2009 breeder stand reservation form
  • Source — ANCCE — 18/05/2009